10 Tips for Designing Your Own Small Business Signage

Design Small Business Signs

Do you prioritize designing small business signs? If not, it has to be a top priority! Digital media seems to be everywhere in today’s world, and businesses are putting a lot of effort into using it to advertise online and drive customers to their sites.

For small businesses, all of that is crucial, but it’s also crucial to concentrate on developing small business signs that showcase your goods and services in the best possible light when clients walk through your doors. Even though you run a tiny business, you may still employ signs to great effect. Even if people check you out because of the internet or traditional advertising, a dated or poorly made sign may make them think twice.

Your sign may be the first impression potential customers who have never heard of you have of the service or item you offer.You just have a few seconds to persuade them, therefore it’s important to highlight well-considered, expertly made small business signs.

What you need to know about creating small business signage is here:

Design Business Sign that Creating Great Impression 


It’s crucial that the overall design of your sign seems expert and, most importantly, appropriate for your company. It should be able to convey to them in a single glance whatever they ought to know about the kinds of goods or services they may anticipate from you.


Whether your sign only has the name of your company on it or also has graphics or a logo, the color scheme should match your brand. A sign might seem cluttered and difficult to read if it has too much color, but the appropriate amount of color can offer the perfect finishing touch.

◈ Materials

Choosing materials that can resist the environment where the sign will be located is important if you plan to invest in one. A sign outside must be able to resist the elements, but indoor signs can survive for years. In addition to the sun’s UV rays, wind, rain, cold temperatures, ice, and snow, this also includes damage caused by the sun’s glare.

While acrylic and polycarbonate are great options for plastic small business signage, aluminum signs keep up well and don’t corrode. HDU, a more durable alternative that will outlive genuine wood, is a good choice for a wood appearance.


You must take into account the environment as well as the sign itself when developing small business signage. Make sure that your sign will stand out from the brick, stone, or other materials used in the surrounding area if it will be mounted on the side of a wall or structure. Consider what other signs and items (such as trees) will be around if your small business signage will be mounted high and make sure it stands out from the rest.

◈ Size

When it comes to your overall sign and the wording on it, size is another important factor. Even if your idea for a classy, small sign for your doggy spa looks lovely up close, if it’s too small, those driving by will only see an unintelligible blur.


If you don’t get them put up by a professional, even the best-laid plans for creating small company signs may become a nightmare. Even though installing a sign yourself might at first seem like a smart idea, if everything falls apart, you’ll have to spend extra money getting the sign fixed or recreated.


There is no worse feeling than having your brand-new small business signs put up only to realize they are poorly visible from a distance. Placement is important, whether you’re trying to attract the attention of oncoming pedestrians or need to shout something to passing drivers.

◈ Lighting

Are you open at night for business? If so, it’s imperative that your signage be well lit. Even if you close at five o’clock, LED signage is still a great way to advertise to customers that you are open and that they may contact you during regular business hours.

◈ Local Guidelines

A notification from your local government informing you that your sign is in violation of a city ordinance and must be taken down may be the only sensation worse than placing your sign and finding that it is practically invisible to onlookers. Before settling on a design for your small business signs, it is crucial to be informed of all zoning restrictions and municipal ordinances.

◈ Working with Professionals

The third and last point to remember when developing small company signs is to start out well by working with experts like the An Phat Signs  team. We’ll ensure you get off to the best possible start in order to make the best first impression, from the visual arrangement and size to the appropriate placement and installation.

If you want to make changes to your shop or learn more about your signage options, our team at An Phat Signs Studio is here to help. With many years’ experience providing front-line 24/7 support to business owners, our team is well-placed to bring positive change to your business.

The professionals at An Phat Signs are always ready to help you with anything you need, whether you already have a plan in mind or just need some pointers. We have printing and design expertise. We can help with design and help you realize your marketing objectives with long-lasting, high-quality items for both indoor and outdoor usage.

An Phat Signs has served the signage needs of several business in the region, and we can’t wait to serve yours. We’re ready to provide your business the salon signs that get seen and people in through the doors, from innovative original design to smart placement.

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