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9 Salon Sign Tips Help You Attract More Clients and Promote Your Spa

Is the only message on your salon sign “Open for business”? It’s time you took advantage of them to increase sales. Try some of these simple ideas for salon signs to attract more clients to your establishment.

Salon signs may appear to be an outdated kind of advertising in the era of selfies and social media reviews. To the contrary, 76% of customers attend businesses they have never been to solely because of the signage! With these simple and practical salon signage ideas, you may increase your earnings and take advantage of the enormous potential for attracting new clients.

Having an instantly recognizable logo is one of the most important first steps. This is so that your clients can recognize your brand as being associated with your salon. Choose an eye-catching design that’s appropriate for the sort of services you provide, whether you’re starting a new business or want to update the identity of your current brand. Your logo ought to reflect this and appeal to this audience if your hair salon serves children or if your nail salon solely serves ladies.

Write a thorough brief and take into account the following questions before you begin creating a salon sign:

  • Who are your clients?
  • What is your brand story?
  • How do you want to communicate with the customers?
  • What are your brand’s key design elements?

Answering these questions will aid you in creating a clear logo or communicating requirements that may be communicated to a logo designer.

Advice: Opt for elegant over glamorous. Keep your logo design clean, balanced, and timeless. Even if a trendy design seems fantastic right now, you and your clients might not think the same way about it in a few years.

Display Your Ambience

Each salon has a distinct appearance, atmosphere, and personality. You put in the effort to create this lovely ambiance and appeal, so why not enhance it with the signs you decide to use?

Include personalized salon signage that expresses the atmosphere of your business. Is it playful or fun? Or would you like a more somber approach? Do you want your signage to inspire greater confidence in your customers when they use your services? Utilize your salon’s unique qualities and display them on your digital signs to strengthen customer relationships.

Utilize Salon Open Signs

Beauty salon signs give a great opportunity to advertise your services to pedestrians because not everyone you want to reach is searching for you online. Use the foot traffic in the area where your salon is located, which is probably busy, to your advantage by placing eye-catching signs outside your establishment. Displaying the services you provide is a useful suggestion. The costs of their services are also added by certain salon proprietors. However, how your brand is positioned alone determines this.

Spectacular manicure and pedicure services, such as paraffin manicures to treat dry, cracked hands and feet in the winter, can be highlighted on nail shop signage. Your hair salon signs can talk about the cutting-edge hair care technology you use or trending hairstyles that you offer.

Connect The Online and Offline

Digital signage allows you to connect your social media accounts to your customized salon sign. Display images from your Facebook and Instagram feeds on the signs outside of your salon so that prospective clients may browse these sites and learn more about your business before they ever enter. It will assist potential clients in deciding if they want to enter your establishment by satiating their interest in your brand.

Offers Touch-Free Purchasing

Who would have imagined that the much-hyped touchscreen would quickly become obsolete? Touchless interactions have become crucial for companies that wish to maintain contact with their clients while keeping them secure in the aftermath of the epidemic.

Enabling touch-free shopping for your clients in your salon is a practical concept for contemporary salon signs. By simply scanning a QR code that is shown on digital signage at your salon, customers may opt to make an appointment or select a product. In addition to posting signs within the salon, set up a sizable display at the entrance or in the window so that clients may shop there or make appointments even while the business is closed. To perform an action, all users need to do is point the camera on their phone at the QR code and click the link that pops up.

Advice: If at all feasible, go with digital displays and signage! Studies show that digital displays increase brand recognition by approximately 48% and receive 400% more views than static signage. They are well renowned for raising average purchases and the proportion of returning customers.

Appreciate Your Salon’s Personnel

Highlight your team by commemorating special anniversaries or accomplishments. By doing this, you may let them know you appreciate their effort and amazing abilities while also making them feel seen. On your salon sign, include a picture of them and a heartfelt note to let them know how you feel. This act will demonstrate how much you value and care about the assistance of your personnel.

Another choice is to use signs at any special events or volunteer work you have done in the community to promote the culture and personality of your salon. Customers will relate to you and feel a part of the culture if you do this. Additionally, it’s fantastic for starting discussions and fostering bonds between clients and employees.

Get People’s Attention with Customer Reviews

You have to work for a good reputation; you cannot buy one. As a result, if your customers have left you with favorable feedback, you should share it online so that other consumers may read it and learn more about your company.

Display customer reviews on digital signs in a succinct and visually appealing manner. Use pictures to accompany the written evaluations of patrons who enjoyed their visits to your salon or display videos of them. Testimonials from satisfied clients are a potent tool for establishing your credibility and gaining new clients. Either post flowers on the open sign for your salon or place them inside, particularly in the waiting area.

For special events, the Christmas season, or simply as a marketing strategy to draw more customers inside, your salon may conduct deals. These promotions need to be promoted both offline and online. How do you let your current and future clients in the neighborhood know about your social media profiles? While they will be of great assistance to you while running internet advertising efforts.

Here is another suggestion for your salon signage: utilize it to promote any current promotions or special discounts you are offering. Make your new and existing consumers aware of any deals, discounts, or loyalty club benefits that you may be offering. A passerby who sees the advertisements can decide to contact you on the spot or spread the news. Think about placing notices in high-traffic areas of the salon as well. Given that your visitors will be gazing in those places as you style their hair, you may put this on your shop shelves, the bathroom vanity, or even the mirrors!

Promote Your Knowledge of The Industry

Customers are always searching for distinctive services, yet it can be challenging to stand out in a crowded market. Use digital signage to spread the word if you have skilled stylists with a ton of expertise or cutting-edge tools and treatments that you want your customers to know about.

To present your company as the top supplier of beauty services in your neighborhood, use a succinct and direct tone when communicating the credentials of your employees, any accolades they have received, industry events you have attended, or any accreditations your salon has received. But keep in mind that in order to show clients that you’re at the top of your game, these must be up-to-date!

You might also showcase information on what you believe to be the newest trends in the beauty business, such as the newest haircuts, manicure trends, or cutting-edge skincare technology—basically, knowledge that is supported by years of experience in the industry.

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