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Illuminated Lightbox – 6 Reason Why You Should Use It To Improve Branding

Illuminated Lightbox

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Illuminated lightbox signs for companies provide the edge you need to make your firm stand out. Whether you manage a retail mall or provide professional services, custom lightboxes provide continuous advertising and exposure. They can highlight your brand’s reputation and offer quality. Consider all of the advantages of lightboxes if you’re searching for a new company sign that integrates light.

What are Illuminated Lightbox Signs?

A lightbox sign is a sign that integrates LED lights. These signs are often lighted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether your business is open or closed, day or night. They provide excellent visibility, allowing you to promote your company and location in any weather or lighting situation. The name “lightbox” refers to a form of sign that is illuminated from behind, lighting a sheet of backlit material with a printed image. The light from behind boosts the brightness, color saturation, and contrast of the image.

They are frequently used in front of stores, shops, diners, or even shopping malls. In these settings, they’re usually round or rectangular. Businesses arrange their logos and information stacked on top of one another. The light shines through these pylon inserts, allowing customers to see them from far away.

Because the sign owner can simply insert a fresh sheet of film, lightboxes are easy to update and change their content. Because of their adaptability, they are ideal for seasonal promotions as well as shopping areas where businesses come and go. Illuminated lightboxes are typically constructed of extruded metal with acrylic or mica faces. The film inserts are often constructed of a transparent material, such as translucent vinyl. The LED lights, which are enclosed inside the sign, are protected from the weather. These signs are usually rectangular, but you may also find them in circular configurations.

The Benefits of Using an Illuminated Lightbox

Lightboxes for businesses provide several benefits by combining visual appeal and functionality. The use of vibrant LED lights improves visibility at night while also adding dimension and professionalism to a printed design. These will aid in the identification of your company for many years to come.

You should consider outdoor illuminated lightbox signage for the following reasons:

Save Energy

The average light is on for 13.9 hours each day. More than 80% of companies light their signs after hours, and 30% keep them on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Having your sign illuminated guarantees that you get the advertising and traffic you need from your investment. But without first considering energy use, it might result in a high energy bill.

LED bulbs are used in illuminated lightbox signs because they are incredibly efficient. A 12-watt LED light saves 75%–80% of the energy used by a 60-watt incandescent bulb, according to the Department of Energy. They also have a 25,000-hour lifespan as opposed to a standard bulb’s 1,000-hour lifespan.

Another common alternative for lit signs in signage applications is LED neon. One of the most energy-efficient illuminated sign solutions is LED neon signage. The good news is that when the brightness is adjusted, LED-lit signs use the same amount of energy as LED neon signs.

Look Professional

Customers are drawn in by a visually appealing sign. Over one-third, or 29%, of shoppers report visiting new establishments based on the store’s signage quality. An illuminated sign is an excellent way to differentiate your company. Just having more visibility will give your company a more professional appearance.

When contrasted to one-dimensional printed artwork, the quality is astounding. Illuminated signs receive a 6.21 out of 7 rating from sign owners for their significance in improving store image. Illuminated lightbox signs provide the unmistakable impression that your company cares about its exterior look. Consumers understand that they can expect quality and attention to detail.

LED lights placed in a Illuminated lightbox sign will boost professionalism as well. They have a long lifespan and do not flicker or fade as they reach the end of their lives. LEDs provide a bright light quality that is apparent even during the day. Because the lens delivers continuous light dispersion throughout the whole sign, you will enjoy a long-lasting professional appearance. There will be no flickering or burning. Until the bulbs need to be replaced, the design remains readable, professional, and well-lit.

Reduce Maintenance Requirements

Aluminum is one of the most durable sign materials and is the most commonly used material for a lightbox sign frame. It is resistant to weather, rust, and corrosion when used outside or as a decorative item. A well-built aluminum frame should endure seven to ten years. Plastic or acrylic sign faces should endure for at least ten years.

The LED lights contained within the sign are likewise long-lasting. They remain unaffected by the elements within the shield, where they operate at their best. According to most estimations, the lifespan of a quality LED bulb ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. If you keep your sign lit for the industry average of 14 hours, it will last anywhere from four to ten years. It will last between three and six years under constant lighting. When the LEDs fail, repairs are as simple as replacing the bulbs.

It’s important to realize that these low-maintenance advantages can only be obtained through high-quality construction. Illuminated lightbox sign manufacturers do not all employ the same high-quality LED bulbs or long-lasting materials. When hiring a sign manufacturer, consider how long your sign will survive based on the materials you choose.

Increase Visibility

An outdoor illuminated lightbox sign is noticeable. When you invest in a visually appealing logo and design, your consumers should notice it. Your company must stand out from the crowd of adjacent stores and eateries. A backlit sign is more noticeable than a static, unlit sign.

For starters, an unreadable, difficult-to-read sign is a huge concern for shops. Nearly half of all many people, or 49.7%, report driving past and failing to find the company they were searching for. The culprit is tiny, illegible signs.

The science of sign visibility considers luminance to be critical. Text is easier to read when it is illuminated. Legibility is critical since so many people suffer from visual difficulties, which are exacerbated in foggy weather or at night. Drivers’ ability to read a sign in the dark is influenced by lighting.

Customers can discover businesses that employ illuminated lightbox, according to business owners that utilize them. In one poll, sign owners were asked to rate the marketing functions of an illuminated sign on a seven-point scale, with seven being the most effective. The average rating given by respondents for their sign’s effectiveness in attracting people to their location was 5.99. They also agreed, with an average score of 6.17, that the illuminated lightbox sign helped them convey their position. Most sign owners (58%) knew that if their sign could not be lit, they would lose sales.

Strengthen Your brand’s Identity

Another thing that company owners can agree on is that illuminated lightboxes promote your brand. They make your company’s colors pop and your logos and typography stand out with lots of contrast. The ability to brand a site is rated 6.27 out of 7 by lighted sign owners on average. Consistency is essential in branding. When lightbox signs are illuminated at night, visitors can always know who you are and what you stand for, even after hours.

Flexibility and Customization

One of the most enticing characteristics of lightbox signage is its ease of customization. The frame is a blank canvas in and of itself. The transparent inserts, which are less expensive to make and replace, provide all of the customization. Whenever your retail center has a new tenant, use another stackable insert to add their name to the pylon. If your company rebrands or redesigns its logo, update your sign instead of ordering a new one. They can also showcase new goods or weekly deals.

Your bespoke lightbox sign possibilities are limitless when you deal with the correct sign vendor. Lightbox designers may create distinctive, eye-catching forms and designs that are all lighted from within.

Contact An Phat Signage Studio for a One-of-a-Kind Illuminated Lightbox

Illuminated lightboxes may be visually appealing, professionally branded marketing tools for your company. They’re also useful since they save energy, need no maintenance, and can readily be updated with new visuals. A huge lightbox sign will make your business stand out with its high visibility. 

An Phat Signs Studio is the finest outdoor illuminated lightbox designer and fabricator in Ho Chi Minh City and around the country. We take your brand seriously and create magnificent signage that will last for a long time

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