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Frabric Lightboxes: 4 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing the Right One

Custom Fabric Lightboxes

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You need technology that provides an eye-catching display to capture clients’ attention when they are in your store or facility. One of the most successful methods for doing this is using fabric lightboxes, which allow businesses to present customized images in novel ways. Because not all fabric lightboxes are made the same, you should think about which option is appropriate for your company. Learn more about fabric lightboxes and the factors to consider when choosing one for your display needs.

What Are Fabric Lightboxes?

This technique produces high-resolution images on the fabric using various procedures, such as UV exposure or dye sublimation. After this, a thin silicone strip is applied to the frame of the lightboxes, allowing the graphic to be fitted within an aluminum frame. The end product is a vibrant image that is ready for exhibition.

Businesses across many industries have included fabric printing in their signage efforts because it is a very inexpensive technology that allows users to tailor visuals to their individual needs. You can design the priting fabric to fit wall-mounted and free-standing items, as well as select from a variety of frame options such as single-sided, double-sided, edge-lit, or backlit. You may also go with seamless-frame LED fabric lightboxes.

Beside the frame, there are two types of light boxes: half-lit and full-lit. A half-lit LED light box, as the name implies, only has LED lights on the sides of the box. This option will provide a dimmer show and may not give as even lighting as a full-lit light box, which has lights around the whole perimeter of the box.While it may appear that the full-lit light box is the superior option overall, there are some situations when the half-lit version may be more practical—it all depends on your specific needs.

Types of Fabric Lightboxes

Edge-lit fabric lightboxes

This is the most common style of frameless cloth LED light box. The LED light sources are mounted on the frame (usually on the two long sides). We make single-sided, edge-lit products. It has an extremely thin profile as well as double-sided, edge-lit, free-standing, and slender 2.75″ profiles. They are unique and extremely strong LED lights that can illuminate very large displays.

For really big shows, many rows of lights can be put next to each other. The LED light sources in this fabric LED lightbox are protected by unique lenses that disperse the light evenly. Likewise, the cloth on the front and back of the display serves to reflect and diffuse light. This results in an equally spread pattern of light.

Back-lit fabric lightboxes

The backlit fabric lightboxes’a light source is an array of numerous tiny LEDs. They are attached to the light box’s backplate. This form of light box ensures that the display remains bright regardless of its size. We make back-lit lightboxes with thin profiles. They are readily constructed, delivered, and installed. We can have a dimmable internal power supply with these two profiles.

We may also construct these with a low-voltage dimmer installed within the light box. Apart from that, we handle backlit cloth printing with sewn silicone borders for frameless displays using pictures supplied by clients. We specialize in creating custom-printed LED light boxes!

How to Choose the Best Fabric Lightboxes

Businesses that employ fabric lightboxes may point to a variety of advantages, ranging from their lightweight design, which makes them easier to install, to the way they make images look more bright and expressive. Yet, with a range of configurations available, companies should consider which variation would best assist them in achieving the required statement using signs. Some variables to consider when making this decision are:

Brightness Level

As previously said, full-lit LED lightboxes may appear to be the first option for most signage solutions due to their stronger glow. To be sure, the fully lit version is best suited for regions with already high lighting or for outdoor advertising.

If your company employs dim lighting to create a more peaceful ambience, a half-lit lightbox will help you maintain that atmosphere. In these circumstances, graphics that are overly bright may have the opposite effect and upset customers’ eyes.


Fabric lightboxes are classified into two types: single-sided and double-sided. The kind you select will affect the impact of the brightness on the whole display. The location of the signage in your business or building frequently defines whether a single- or double-sided light box would work best.

If the lightbox will be hung on a wall, you will most likely only require a single-sided lightbox. When showcasing a picture from different sides, such as in a store window, the double-sided option may be preferable. In this manner, you may display the signs to pedestrians outside while communicating different information to clients inside.


While selecting fabric lightboxes, consider size since light strength reduces as it travels further to emit light. This is referred to as the inverse square law. Larger lightboxes, in particular, have more surface area to cover, and distance has the potential to reduce brightness.

Before deciding on cloth lightboxes, make sure the size corresponds to the amount of light required to completely illuminate your image. The illumination at your location may also influence which size is optimal, as well as whether to use half-lit or full-lit fabric lightboxes.


Prices may vary since not all lightboxes are created equal. A full-lit lightbox, for example, requires more LED lights than a half-lit light box, which may impact its cost. The price you spend may be influenced by whether you choose single- or double-sided fabric lightboxes.

To Learn More About Fabric Lightboxes, Contact Us!

Make sure you do some research before beginning to create and design new fabric lightboxes signs. An Phat Signs & Designs is available to address any of your inquiries and provide further details on available signage alternatives, such as decorating signs and graphics. To learn more about this beautiful type of signage, get in touch with us right now.

If you’d like to learn more about the many sign services we provide, or if you’re ready to get started on your next project, please contact us at An Phat Signs Studio. You can look at some of our recent work to get a fair idea of what we provide, and then contact us by phone, Facebook, Zalo, or email to inquire. We eagerly await your response.

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