Facade Design: 6 Guidelines to Follow When You Design Your Signs

Custom Facade Design

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Did you know that 76% of consumers base their first impression of a company purely on the exterior signage? And nearly 68% have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. This survey data proves your customers are paying attention to signs, whether the consumers are doing so consciously or not.

This fact alone is enough reason for business owners to seriously and carefully consider all of the available choices for their exterior signage and facade design.Unfortunately, even experienced graphic designers can find it challenging to create an effective facade design. There are many guidelines and best practices to follow, particularly when it comes to facade signs that need to help customers find your business’s location.

Because we don’t want you to waste your time and money repeatedly modifying your facade designs, An Phat is here to help you with our useful guidance on choosing what type of sign to use and coming up with an excellent facade design!


Tips for Effective Facade Design

Business owners who want to make a good first impression on their clients should think about a few things. Here are our recommendations for selecting an exterior signage design that will help your business easily draw new guest and keep old customers coming back for years to come.

The Location is Important

When choosing between various kinds of facade design, the physical location of the workplace, shopping center, or other place of business can be an important factor. Assume that your business is situated in an area prone to extreme weather. In that situation, choose signage made to endure harsh circumstances, such as stainless steel signs or sturdy channel letter signs.

Similarly, if your business draws the majority of its customers during the nighttime hours, consider using illuminated signage such as halo-lit text, LED displays, or face-lit acrylic signs. By illuminating your sign, you guarantee that it is visible even at night, which can increase the visibility of your facade design and optimize your return on investment.

Prioritize Legibility

Signs that are illegible are useless. What good is facade design that requires your guests to struggle to see where they’re supposed to go—a sign that makes customers wonder, “What is this business?” But did you realize that bad advertising sign design may damage your business? According to the same research we mentioned above, nearly half of all respondents are so turned off by badly designed signage that they have chosen not to visit or interact with a business as a result of those poor quality signs!

Illegible signs make people feel uncertain and confused, which may lead them to think that your business isn’t worth their time. This is particularly concerning for retailers who shop and store in locations that depend on foot traffic.

Avoid Visual Clutter

One way to ensure that your facade design is readable is to keep your general design basic, with vibrant colors and clean lettering. You don’t want a lot of patterned backgrounds or complex images competing for attention with crucial text information (like your business’s name), particularly on facade designs that are expected to be seen from a long distance. Consider using white space around your text and images. Many sign designers recommend a ratio of 40% text to 60% negative area.

Textual and Graphic Balance

Effective facade design can achieve a comfortable balance between text and images within the content of the design, bringing us back to our prior guideline of avoiding visual clutter. There are are some complicated formulas that determine how readable your sign panels will be based on variables such as viewing distance, height, whether your sign is aimed at people on foot or people traveling in or riding in past vehicles, and more.

Use Contrasting Colors

Have you ever glanced at a piece of printed material or even a website and thought to yourself, “Wow, that color combination looks really nice!” True, not all colors go well together, and using the wrong ones can make your signage completely illegible.

Consulting the color wheel to see which color combinations might work well together for clarity and a pleasing appearance is a great place to start. Even so, the connections between various hues can be perplexing for non-designers. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to consider the lighting in the area where your signage will be placed. Color standards for outdoor signage will vary from those for interior signage.

Maintain Your Brand Identity

Even if you don’t have a branding style guide for your business’s marketing materials, you undoubtedly have favorite colors and fonts. You most likely have an emblem as well. When creating effective facade design, integrate these important branding elements so that people who see your signage don’t have to wonder who they relate to.

Is your existing logo difficult to identify on a facade design, or are you unsure if it accurately reflects your brand? It might be time for a change. Do you need assistance? We can assist you with this marketing and branding tool feature here at An Phat Signs Company.

An Phat Provides Durable, Cost-effective Facade Design

Custom facade design are a reliable marketing technique for practically all types of purposes, like promoting your brand, advertising sales and discounts, enhancing the customer experience, decorating your exterior, and many more. Because of their eye-catching aesthetic look, usefulness, durability, and strength, they are popular for commercial signs. An Phat Signs & Designs can help your business if you need stylish, long-lasting, and durable signs.

Our outstanding team of sign designers and manufacturers produces unique channel letters that exactly represent the style, font, colors, and personality of your brand. Our sign installation staff guarantees that your signs are properly installed and sturdy for many years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about the many sign services we provide, or if you’re ready to get started on your next project, please contact us at An Phat Signs Studio now to receive a price quote or to discuss our services for low-maintenance, high-quality signage.

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