Hoarding Signs: How They Can Help Your Business Standout

Hoarding Signs

If you’re wondering how to make hoarding signs stand out, you’re not alone—we get this question all the time. Hoarding signs are simply a temporary barrier that is erected around a construction site and is often composed of boards. And hoarding has long been a reliable, affordable way to hide unattractive construction while making the most of the space available to promote or create enthusiasm for a new project, local attraction, or other initiative.

Along with considerably increasing a business and showing its design and quality, hoarding boards also improve public safety. Hoardings on construction sites can provide a lot more creative alternatives than you may have thought.

For instance, your construction site hoarding signage may have a variety of graphics in addition to other features. Hoarding boards can always be so much more than just useful, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to be creative with the text you choose.

If anything, that’s been the case more so than ever in recent years due to the constant development of fresh, original hoarding graphics approaches. Due to the size of hoarding boards, these visual designs are often manufactured by large-format printing and production companies.

Main Uses of Hoarding Signs

As previously stated, construction site hoarding is used to conceal the perimeter of a construction site, for example, if work on a new housing complex or a facility, such as a theater or retail center, is underway. However, there are times when hoarding signs is also necessary, as during significant sporting events and other outdoor gatherings.

How to Improve Your Hoarding Signs’ Visibility

There are really many methods to draw attention to your hoarding signage so that it serves more purposes than merely concealing construction activity and keeping a project secret until you can expose it. These building site graphics have the potential to be an incredibly powerful marketing and branding tool when used properly.

Backlit Hoarding

If your project is taking place in the fall or winter and there is a nearby road that is frequently used at night or if there is a road nearby that is particularly visible from a distance at night, this is extremely good for your hoarding boards. Using LED panels and covert lightboxes, you can make a significant impact by lighting up text, shapes, patterns, and other corporate visual graphics.

Textured Hoarding

Think about using various textures in your hoarding graphics for building sites, such as artificial grass on some of the hoarding boards or geometrical patterns. How about some channeling letters instead?

3D Hoarding

You assumed hoarding on construction sites had to be flat. Think again! You may use digitally cut letters or forms made of acrylic or hoarding boards, among other materials. For maximum effect, this gives your building site visual depth and dimension. You might also have a 3D trim around your signage as an alternative.

Digital Hoarding

The hoarding on building sites doesn’t have to be flat and static—this is another option if you truly want to make your presence known. Digital screens with text and images may be included in hoarding signs with no problems. Digital walls may be used to totally cover your hoarding graphics, or you can use them to partially cover portions of your hoarding images to make an eye-catching LED display.

Tall Hoarding

In terms of building site hoarding signage, you don’t have to use a universally applicable approach. Some parts may be taller than others; for instance, in some locations, hoarding boards may need to be raised in order to hide specific work areas.

Green Hoarding

As part of hoarding signs and other comparable visual works, green hoarding walls with plants or other greenery are becoming more common. For your upcoming project, take this into consideration. Hoarding may include entirely or partially living or artificial plant walls, or it may only include a tiny cut-out area where plants are being grown. In either case, this type of hoarding is sure to catch the eye of everyone who is passing by and is also a sustainable choice.

Custom-Shaped Hoarding

Hoarding visuals don’t have to be straight or linear, despite what you might have believed. A large range of forms may be digitally cut out. The final product of custom hoarding may be produced in any shape.

An iconic fashion brand, Christian Dior, for example, had hoarding boards around one store formed into the shape of one of their famous handbags during a refurbishment project.

Eco-Friendly Hoarding

Once more, this is gaining more and more traction. The use of materials like totally recyclable uPVC makes it feasible to create a sustainable solution that is kind to the environment. Traditional timber hoarding signs have frequently ended up in the trash. They may also, if necessary, be utilized again on a new project due to their durability.

Looking for a Hoarding Signs Manufacturer?

Our company, An Phat Signs and Designs, is well-known in the building sector as a provider of large-format printing. In addition to providing construction site hoarding signage, we have worked with well-known companies from the retail, leisure, and entertainment industries, such as Viettel, Hanshin Banks, Standard Chartered, Sabeco Brewery, Dedo BBQ Restaurant, etc.

We have the most up-to-date technology to make large-format printing designs for custom hoarding signs into a reality and we like working with our clients to inspire them to create designs that are really imaginative and to realize their branding visions. So that your hoarding boards don’t become a liability, give us a call right away to explore what we can do for your construction site graphics.

If you have any questions or would like to get started on your own custom hoarding signage, please don’t hesitate to call us or you can request a online quote through our Zalowebsite, and our Facebook page. We’re always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have about our products and services.

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