LED Neon Signage: Advantages of Using Faux LED Neon Signs for Creating Ambiance

Custom LED Neon Signage

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Glass neon lights used to be the finest and only alternative for business signage. Today, we have faux LED neon signage, which is an upgraded form of neon lights. These new faux LED neon signage offer several benefits over their previous neon glass light counterparts. Let’s look at their light source, lifespan, installation method, customizability, voltage, and environmental friendliness.

Good Source of Light

Traditional glass neon lights are powered by neon fluorescent gases, but faux LED neon signage provides bright lights using solid-state semiconductors. LED lights are more cost-effective than fluorescent gas lighting. They also provide greater energy savings, which is beneficial for organizations wanting to preserve energy.


When selecting a light source, it is critical to consider its life expectancy. On one end of the range is the common light bulb, commonly known as an incandescent bulb, which has the lowest lifespan of all bulbs. LED lights, on the other hand, have the longest lifespan. It is unquestionably in your best interests to get lights that will last a long time, especially neon lights, because they will be on and working for the majority of the time.

LED neon signage lasts three times as long as glass lights, which last roughly 10,000 hours. That implies the LED neon signage’s lights have a lifespan of around 30,000 hours, which corresponds to their longer lifespans. Therefore, these LED neon lights are better than the old glass neon lights because they last 20,000 hours longer.

Easy installation and customizability

Let’s face it: not everyone is an expert at installing stuff. Even if you believe you have followed all of the instructions in the instruction manual, you may have overlooked something that causes the product to fail or not function properly. The LED neon signage’s lights are fantastic because they are so simple to install that even a novice technician can accomplish it. Even a company owner who enjoys DIY may install them and customize the LED neon signage’s lights to their liking.

LED neon signage’s Lights can be cut, sliced, twisted, and molded into almost any shape. Glass lights, on the other hand, need the expertise of a master artisan with experience in the manufacturing, installation, and development of glass neon lights. This can be expensive and raises the price of the neon sign, which is not cost-effective. LED neon signage’s lights are clearly more customizable and easier to install.

Environmental friendly

Glass neon lights have a more detrimental impact on the environment than LED lights. There is a risk of mercury contamination from these glass bulbs. This danger is increased by inhaling mercury from heated mercury-impregnated glass, and neon glass workers have had metal poisoning as a result of their exposure. As a result, the LED light is far superior to the traditional glass neon lights since it is both ecologically friendly and safer for people who operate with it.

Another reason why these LED lights are superior to their glass counterparts is that they are softer. Its soft, flexible body allows it to bend to a minimum of 3 centimeters. You can also easily cut these lights with scissors and make a variety of objects, such as different shapes, letters, and images.

LED neon lights are also simpler but more efficient than glass neon lights. The classic neon glass lights will increase their voltage from 220V to 15000V to stimulate the gas in the tube to emit monochromatic light following the outline of the typeface design. Then their two colors will require two sets of the glass tubes. So, if the font is too large, the center will be too dark, and if it is too small, it will be too hard to sort out. LED flex lights, on the other hand, operate at 24 volts and emit a low amount of heat, making them easier to manage.

4 Additional Benefits of LED Neon Signage You May Not Have Known About

Since its inception, there has been a significant advancement in the usage of LED technology to construct and define the neon sign business today. This includes using neon signs for weddings, stores, and events, as well as being safe for inside use, such as in bedrooms.

Most people are aware that LED lights are extremely efficient, consuming around 85% less energy than halogen or normal lighting, allowing you to considerably reduce your power cost, but did you know about the surprise extra benefits mentioned below?

LED neon signage contains lots of small LED lights.

This allows it to be both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It uses about the same amount of electricity as a regular domestic light bulb. In comparison, typical neon gas signs are breakable and unsuitable for indoor usage.

LED neon lights use less energy.

LED neon signage is powered by a 12v to 240v transformer and may be readily inserted into any home or workplace power source. Neon gas signs may consume up to 18 volts and are typically installed by a skilled and certified electrician. It will also use more electricity, and you will not be helping the environment at all!

LED neon signage has a longer lifespan

LED neon is made of a flex plastic tube that is bent into position to form its shape, making it extremely durable. Traditional neon gas signage is constructed of glass that has been shaped with heat from a fire. This can lead to an extremely brittle sign.

LED neon lighting is really bright

LED neon lights may provide up to 6% more light than traditional gas neon signs. This can result in a more effective sign statement. And make it more noticeable. As you can see, the age of utilizing glass neon lights has passed, and its new and improved choice, LED neon lights, can take the stage for businesses and individuals to utilize for their enjoyment, knowing their neon lights are of higher quality, more cost-effective, and customizable to their hearts’ wishes.

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