The Pros and Cons of Custom Wooden Signs and When to Use Them

We’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of wooden signs today. We at An Phat Signs have over 10 years of experience in the custom sign business and would be delighted to share our knowledge to you. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of wooden signs in this article, as well as the situations in which they are and aren’t a good option. So, lettuce ? begin!

The Advantages of Wooden Signs

Give Your Establishment a Classic and Traditional Look

Wood conveys a sense of durability and timeless beauty. A wooden sign somehow conveys the idea of a trustworthy and well-established business. For this reason, even if your company has only been around for a little period of time, doing something like writing down how long you’ve been in business on a wooden plaque creates the sense that your firm is reliable, has been there for a while, and intends to be around for a long time!

Give Your Business a Personal Feel

A hand-carved wooden sign has a particularly individualized feel to it. That sign was handcrafted by a skilled individual. A wood sign can help you achieve the cozy image you seek for your shop.

Work well in non-business environments.

Wood signs are particularly effective in non-commercial contexts, such as house decoration, guiding wedding attendees, or directing walkers down a garden path. If you want a larger and more affordable sign to draw attention to your business, plastic signs are a better option.

Perfect for Interior Use

Indoors as opposed to outside, wooden signs perform better and are more durable. They are a great option for tiny, cozy cafés or businesses that desire a sign with a rustic, domestic atmosphere. They look fantastic as house décor, especially in leisure areas. While wooden signs are more susceptible to the environment and insects, plastic signs are a better option for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Disadvantages of Wooden Signs

Can’t be Use Outside If Not Properly Maintained

Unfortunately, if you want an outdoor sign install, wooden signs are not the best option. SWood and the outside elements do not go together well, so they need to be properly treated and maintained. Your sign’s wood may decay if exposed to dampness and rain. Additionally, if moisture penetrates into your wood as it freezes and thaws, the wood will expand and crack as a result.

High Maintenanc

In order to maintain a wooden sign from decaying and from losing its aesthetic appeal if it is used outside, it must undergo careful and routine maintenance.

Vulnerable to Bug Infestation

You must take additional precautions to prevent your wood sign from insects in addition to maintaining it to protect it from the environment. Insects attracted to wood, such termites and carpenter ants, might be a problem for your business, depending on where it is situated.

High Cost

Choosing a real wood sign will need you to fork over considerably more money than choosing a sign made of another material, like plastic or metal. Your wood sign won’t likely endure as long as one made of man-made materials, so you’ll need to factor in the expense of repair down the road.

In general, buying a plastic or metal sign will be far less expensive than buying a wooden sign. In addition to the original purchase price, a wood sign will likely need to be replaced sooner than a plastic or metal one because it won’t likely survive as long, especially if you don’t maintain it correctly.

Low Visibility at Night

Wood signs work better if they are viewed at a close distance. You can appreciate the beauty of the wood when you see it up close. If, however, you want your sign to be noticed from a distance or at night, an illuminated plastic or metal sign is a better choice. Even though you can shine a light on your wood sign, backlit signs or channel letters that are illuminated from within are much easier to see at greater distances.

When to Use Wooden Signs

When You Need an Indoor Sign: Wooden signs work well inside. In this manner, they may be more effectively shielded from moisture damage and maintain their lovely appearance for a lot longer.

When You Need a Smaller, Classic Sign: Wooden signs are excellent if you need a smaller sign that will add a rustic or classic air to an event you are hosting.

When Not to Use Wooden Signs

When You Want Your Sign to Be Visable from a Distance: A wooden sign for your storefront is probably not the most cost-effective option due to its high cost. This is particularly true if you choose a huge sign that can be seen clearly from a wide distance. It is typically better to observe wooden signage up close.

When You Need Your Sign to Be Visible at Night: A wooden sign can be lighted up by a light shining on it, but if you want the brightest sign you can get for viewing at night, you’re probably better off choosing a backlit sign or channel letters that are illuminated from within.

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