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Diner Signs and 5 Innovative Ways You Can Do With Custom Signs

Custom Diner Signs

(Bài dịch tiếng Việt) A successful dining facility or restaurant requires more than just delicious food and outstanding service; it must also be able to stand out and attract customers. Custom diner signage can help you catch the attention of prospective consumers, enhance your restaurant’s characteristics, and help your business flourish by helping you create […]

5 Types of Outdoor Commercial Signs That Are Essential for Promoting Your Business

Custom Outdoor Commercial Signs

(Bài dịch tiếng Việt) Outdoor commercial signs are one of the most diverse and cost-effective marketing strategies accessible to business owners today. Consider including advertising on signs in your marketing budget, in addition to other possibilities such as digital marketing and internet advertising. An Phat Studio has a long history of designing, manufacturing, and installing […]

QR Code Signs: 7 Ways Eateries, Diners and Restaurant can Use Them Effectively

Custom QR Code Signs for Restaurants

(Bài tiếng Việt) QR code signs have made a reappearance in recent years, proving to be useful tools for various types of small business, including restaurants. You’ve probably seen QR code signs for online menus if you’ve lately dined out. But what more are these programs capable of? Be inspired by all of the different […]

Window Graphics: 7 Applications of Window Decals for Your Restaurant

Custom Restaurant Window Graphics

(Bài tiếng Việt) There are several ways to advertise and promote your restaurant. One example is the utilization of window graphics. Window graphics are adhesives or stickers that may be applied to virtually any glass surface. These surfaces can be anything from mirrors to glass walls, and even windows and glass doors. What’s interesting about […]

Restaurant Signs: 6 Types of Signage Used in Diners, Restaurants

Restaurant Signs

(Bài tiếng Việt) It’s time to think about your restaurant signs if you own and want to catch people’s attention and attract a large number of customers. An eye-catching restaurant sign can help your restaurant stand out from the rest and encourage customers to come inside and buy something. Beautiful outdoor signage will also provide […]

Different Types of Commercial Signs Use for Business

Different Types of Commercial Signs

It’s important to take into account all the different types of commercial signage that are currently available on the market and consider which will be the most appropriate for your particular project when developing a signage strategy for your business, whether that be an entertainment venue, a large-scale organized event, or an office or retail […]

Creative Store Signs Ideas and Examples To Boost Revenue

Creative Store Signs

The retail industry benefits greatly from the use of visual communication methods. They carry messages about your brand and project the image of your business. To help you find the ideal solutions for your shop, we’ll go through a variety of options for retail signs below. Store signs are one of the most effective promotional […]

How to Renovate Your Restaurant, Diner, and Café with New Signs

Renovate Restaurant, Diner, Café Signs

Many people will wish to continue their lives as they were before the COVID-19 virus flipped everything upside down when Ho Chi Minh City slowly begins to reopen. This is particularly valid while dining at establishments like restaurants, diners, and cafés. Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City must gain the public’s trust by demonstrating to […]

4 Benefits of Interior Signage for Businesses Improvement

Interior Signage

? Interior Signs vs. Exterior Signs Though beneficial, interior signage is thought to have less of an effect than external signage by some business owners. After all, what draws visitors inside are the exhibits that are placed outside the building? Interior signage may assist a business’s consumers have a better overall experience, which increases the probability […]

The Pros and Cons of Custom Wooden Signs and When to Use Them


We’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of wooden signs today. We at An Phat Signs have over 10 years of experience in the custom sign business and would be delighted to share our knowledge to you. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of wooden signs in this article, as well as the situations in […]

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