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Summer is the ideal season for window shopping. It is true every year, but it is especially true this year. More people are out and about now that COVID-19-related restrictions have been lifted. With so many users on the street, now is the best moment to overhaul your retail storefront design and create a memorable storefront that captures the eye of your potential customers, invites them into your business, and ultimately motivates them to go shopping.

So what do you need to develop a storefront design that attracts consumers and increases revenue for your retail business?

Customized banners

A unique banner is essential for every shop design. A personalized banner is an exceptionally useful tool for merchants; not only do they improve your storefront design and branding, but they’re also a marketing item that you may use for years to come due to their high quality level. Customers can notice them even from a distance because they’re on the bigger side.

Window decals

To attract clients, your storefront design must be aesthetically appealing. Yet, it must also be useful, providing clients with the information they require to make purchasing decisions. And a fantastic method to meet those two requirements? Custom-made window decals, off course!

A personalized decal of your shop emblem is an excellent method to increase visual appeal and reinforce your image. Yet, decals also serve a practical role by allowing you to convey important information to potential buyers (like your store hours, contact information, and social media handles). They combine the best of both worlds and are an absolute essential for any storefront design.


Do you have an upcoming event? Are you planning a large sale? Are you getting ready to launch a new apparel or accessory line? Create some branded posters and prominently display them in your storefront display to attract consumers and get them interested in and into the business. Include a QR code in the poster design so that customers can access information about your shop (or whatever the poster is advertising) directly on their phone.

Advice for attracting customers with storefront design:

Showcase a variety of products…

Every person who walks through your shop is a possible new customer. Nevertheless, in order to entice those potential consumers, you must provide a sample of what they will discover once they enter your business. Make your products the focal point of your storefront design.

Select a range of popular products to provide clients with an overview of the items available in your business. If you own a clothing store, place a few shirts and accessories on a table that can be seen through the window—or dress a mannequin in an on-brand ensemble.

…but don’t make things too packed.

You want to provide them with a thorough overview of your products. If you attempt to fit every product in your business onto your storefront display, it will seem overcrowded and visually overwhelming—and visitors may prefer to pass right by rather than deal with the chaos. Additionally, don’t you want to leave them with a few surprises once they’re inside?

Keep things clean and minimal while constructing your storefront design. Display your items and marketing information, but leave enough empty spaces so your display doesn’t feel cluttered.

Decal Kính Nhà hàng

Create a consistent design

If you want to attract clients, your storefront design should have a unified style. If all of your aspects are competing, your clients may become confused—and may choose to shop elsewhere.

Check that each aspect of your storefront design complements the overall design. For example, if you have a number of posters and banners on display, ensure that the font and color palette complement your logo decal and overall branding. Use colors and patterns that don’t clash or compete if you’re presenting different apparel products. The more consistent your storefront design is, the more appealing it will be to potential consumers, and the more likely they will come inside to shop.

Make logo stickers

As previously said, you should include a decal of your brand in the storefront design. But why not give them a piece of your shop to take home with them? Print smaller stickers with your brand and distribute them to clients after they make a purchase. It’s a win-win situation: your consumer gets a cute (and free!) sticker to put on their laptop or water bottle, and you get another chance to get your retail branding out there!

Start on the sidewalk

A sidewalk sign is another excellent technique to attract potential customers. Putting a walkway sign in front of your business will draw people’s attention as they approach (even if they’re down the street!). and, by the time they reach it, they’ll be ready to check out your display and step inside.

Change your display on a regular basis

Many of the people passing by your shop have walked by previously. If they see the same storefront design every time, even if it’s really unique, it will soon fade into the background. If you want to be seen by such individuals, you should modify your display on a regular basis—usually once a month, or at least once a quarter.

Storefront design must-haves

  1. Banners
  2. Decals
  3. Posters
  4. QR code signs
  5. Best products on display (not too cluttered)
  6. Sidewalk signs

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