What Are Reverse Lit Channel Letter Signs?

Reverse Channel Letter

What is Reverse Channel Letter Sign?

Reverse channel letters (also called back lit, halo lit, rear illuminated, or reverse lit channel letter) are the opposite.  The light shines through the back of the channel letters. This indicates that they are positioned slightly away from the building’s wall, allowing light to shine through and illuminate the letters, generating a halo kind of light.

What are the Reverse Lit Channel Letters Specifications?

If you intend to commission reverse lit channel letter signs, you need understand know a little about how they are fabricated and what the measurements are of a traditional sign. This will allow you to be more effectively in describe your signage design.

Reverse Channel Letter

Reverse channel letter signs requires a lot of work. Some of the components and their specs are as follows:

  • Face: Usually made of 0.080 aluminum, it may be painted whatever color you like. A routed face, which utilizes acrylic push-through, can be used to improve customization. To understand more about what your trustworthy sign business has to offer, contact us for more information.
  • Side: A reverse lighted channel letter is normally 5-15 cm deep and made of 0.063 aluminum. The sides are welded to the face and then painted to match or contrast with the face color.
  • LED Lighting: All reverse illuminated letters have lighting. LED bulbs come in a variety of colors, but white is the most commonly used to make text and graphics stand out. Colors may be added to lights by applying a vinyl film to the back of the letter, where the light shines through.
  • Power Supply: This is what powers all of the little LED bulbs in each character. You have a few alternatives, such as a remote power supply or wiring through the raceway mount, if available.
  • Inside: To maximize the reflected surfaces, the inside of the channel letter is painted white.
  • Back: The back of reverse lighted channel lettering is clear. Most businesses utilize some sort of translucent plastic. To color the plastic, vinyl films can be added.

Reverse Channel Letter

Advantages of Reverse Lit Channel Letter

Why should you go for reverse illuminated channel letters for your company? The reality is that they do look cool. They also have a handful of advantages over the competition:

  • Reverse illuminated channel letters are incredibly light and easy to install.
  • The materials are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and durable.
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior applications.
  • LED lights are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
  • Your business is more visible during the day and easier to spot at nighttime.
  • Channel letters may be modified in numbers of ways. Choose the best size, color, text, location, and light effect for your business.
  • The halo effect of reverse lit channel lettering is visually appealing and provides a refined, inviting atmosphere.

You may use reverse lit channel letters for any type of business, whether you operate a bar, a bank, a hotel, a salon, a gym, a restaurant or something in between. We’ve seen them on grocery shop signage, warehouse signs, and even industrial park entry monument signs. Feel free to be creative.

Because they are customisable, you may change the size of the letters to make them visible from a larger distance. An Phat Signs & Designs guarantees that all of the signs we produce are structurally sound and tastefully designed, so you can make an impression with reverse channel letter signs.

Reverse Channel Letter

Looking for Reverse Channel Letters for your business?

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of reverse channel letter signs and how they might be used in your business. Reverse lit channel letters may be utilized for any type of company, so why not think about getting one for yours? It might be the competitive advantage you’re looking for.

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Reverse Channel Letter

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