7 Benefits of Custom Metal Signs for Business

Custom Metal Signs for Business

An Phat’s Custom Metal Signs Your outdoor marketing signs say a lot about your business. Potential clients decide whether or not to use your company’s services based on the exterior signs. First impressions are everything, so the more enticing and creative the exterior of your workplace is, the more clients will be interested in learning more about your company. The services your brand offers are consistent with the message on your signboard.

One of the best methods for building your brand through company marketing is the use of custom metal signs. With the help of these outdoor custom metal signs, you can keep your company looking different and professional in the eyes of your immediate clients. Here, we’ll go over a few key ways that personalized metal signage may help your company succeed.

How long does it take to make metal signs?

In every corporation, time is always the first priority and the heart of the operation.An Phat Signs adheres to our services through ethical business conduct, in addition to appreciating the value of your time.

All of our seamless outdoor metal signs are created depending on the needs and preferences of the customers. Your personalized metal signs’ design, manufacture, and delivery are all completely under our control. Our production team has the capacity to accept large orders and fulfill them on schedule. Bulk orders, however, could take longer to complete than individual personalized signs.


Metal is a long-lasting and incredibly strong material. It can easily endure the effects of nature and is moisture-resistant. Additionally, to make custom metal signs even more robust than before, the signboard is given an extra protective coating by the manufacturer. Depending on the location, style, and cost of your signboards, you may decide which metal to employ. Metals that are used most frequently and effectively for metal sign boards are:

One of the strongest materials for signage currently available is stainless steel (Inox). The steel signs are heavier compared to other metals and need special installation care and strengthening. These signs’ sole issue is that they may need to be supplemented to prevent rusting as they age and are susceptible to corroding over time.

Flexible Use

Outdoor applications are typically not appropriate for signboards made of materials like acrylic, wood, or PVC. They quickly wear out over time since they can’t survive the natural temperatures and weather. Additionally, wood signboards are quickly degraded or damaged. These substances are better suited to indoor applications. Metal signs, on the other hand, are completely robust. They may be installed anywhere on your company’s site and have a long lifespan thanks to their great toughness. Along with their durable exteriors, metal signs also give the interiors of your company a beautiful and appealing appearance.


The adaptability of custom metal signs is often at its highest. They provide a large variety of various styles, designs, concepts, and colors from which you may select the ones that best meet your needs. On your metal signage, you may add as many designs as you like. They may be altered in terms of usage, length, and thickness. If you would like, you may have your bespoke signs’ metal plates lettered on both sides.

But since they can be easily molded or cut into any form or size, aluminum metal signs are simple to assemble. Metal is a material that manufacturers frequently utilize to make bespoke channel letter signs.

Illuminating Lighting

You may add brilliant LED lights to your metal signage to make the exteriors of your businesses more appealing at night. You might need an additional electrical connection at the location on your custom metal sign boards if you want to add lights to them. If there are any openings in the application, these lights can be installed within the metal sign or on top of the metal.

However, you can also put these lights in the back of your customized metal sign boards to add effects and shine at night.


The particular needs and preferences of each design have a major impact on how quickly metal signs may be produced. the availability of the metal you want to use for your metal signs and its type. Experts build your personalized metal signs in an average of two weeks to be on the safe side. However, it typically takes three weeks to complete an order.

Before sending the ideas and patterns to production, the firm uses the additional week to make sure that all of its clients have given their full approval. Sometimes, the sort of business you select to work with is quite important in determining the production time. To get quicker delivery times, make sure to deal solely with recognized and reliable businesses.


We at An Phat Signs give our clients’ financial situation and tastes a lot of consideration. The majority of our designs are available for a reasonable price. We provide a wide range of choices, both commercial and residential, to help you make the best possible first impression on your clients. Therefore, when it comes to pricing, we do not believe in compromising on quality. Our premium-grade items are very affordably priced.

Custom Metal Signs Consultation

At An Phat Advertising, we realize how difficult it may be to select the best metal sign types, design, and installation technique for your needs and budget. That is why we provide free consulting services to assist you in sorting through your alternatives and determining your needs.

We have over ten years of expertise in the signage sector in Ho Chi Minh City and can assist you in designing the ideal sign.

We seek to exceed industry standards by offering exceptional signage solutions to our clients through in-house bespoke design, manufacturing, and installation. We handle everything from start to finish, which is why An Phat Advertisign is your one-stop signage shop. You can rely on us to do the job correctly; we do all of the work ourselves and never subcontract it.

Contact An Phat Signs now to learn more about how we might help you design your own metai signs.

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