Exterior Signage: 4 Benefits of Investing in Custom Signs from An Phat Company

Custom Exterior Signage

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Investing in bespoke exterior signage is an essential marketing tool, whether you’re launching a new shop or renovating an existing one. Investing in a high-quality placard will pay off in the long term! An Phat Signs Studio will be with you in every step of the way, the proper business signs firm will collaborate with you. Planning, design concepts, fabrication, and implementation are all parts of the process.


Regardless of the scale of your company, investing in custom exterior signage is a fantastic way to increase the exposure of your brand. A well-designed sign is a marketing tool that can be used to effectively promote your business’ products and services, and bring in new customers. Personalized exterior signage can help you create a more memorable experience for your clients, increasing the likelihood that they will return and make another purchase.

This is also a good method for creating a good first impression with prospective customers, which will help you build credibility and trust. You can ensure that you are building a distinct image for your company that represents it by using custom exterior signage to help show off your brand image, colors, logos, and slogan. Custom signage is also available in a variety of materials and sizes, allowing you to select the best choice for your requirements.

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A customized exterior sign can be an effective marketing tool for any type of company, from local coffee shops to global technology corporations. It can help to draw more customers by boosting brand awareness, and it can also encourage impulse buying during peak shopping seasons. You can choose from a variety of exterior signage for your business, including lightbox signs, channel letter signs, banner signs,… The type of sign you select will be determined by the needs of your company as well as your budget.

You should also think about the placement of your exterior signage. It will decide how noticeable it is from the street and how successful it is at attracting customers. You may want to position your pylon sign in a prominent location, such as at a major street intersection. You should also consider the materials from which you want your exterior signs to be produced. There are numerous designs and choices available, and it is critical to select a high-quality product that will last for years.


The quality of your sign’s durability can be greatly improved by making the appropriate investment in exterior signage. The materials you choose, as well as your upkeep and installation practices, can all affect the life of your signs.

Wood and plastic signs, in general, have lower lifespans than metal. However, when correctly kept and fitted, these materials can be used for extended periods of time. The placement of the sign also has an effect on its lifetime. For example, if the sign is located in an area with frequent weather conditions, it will deteriorate faster than a sign situated in a location with less severe weather conditions.

Aluminum is an excellent substance for outdoor signage because it is both durable and weatherproof. Depending on your requirements, this form of advertising can be used either temporarily or permanently.

Because it is extremely robust and will not fade or peel, PVC is an excellent choice for exterior signage. This form of sign is also very inexpensive and can be manufactured in any size or shape desired. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to design your own customized signs to market your company. The material is also environmentally beneficial because it is durable and can be recycled.

Brand recognition

This is one of the most essential advantages of investing in customized exterior signage. Building strong brand awareness is essential for differentiating your business from the competition and attracting an engaged customer base.

The most successful businesses have a distinct and consistent identity that is unique to their industry. The business name, logo, and colors are all part of this. It also contains how they communicate with people, their purpose and values, and a concise explanation of why they exist.

While developing brand recognition may appear to be an impossible job, there are some easy steps you can take to get started. Brand monitoring questionnaires, social evidence, and focus groups are examples of these tactics.


Attractive external signage helps in the development of the public’s perception of a business, the strengthening of its brand, and the attraction of new clients. This is why it is critical to engage in quality signage that represents your company’s image and conveys its principles.

One of the first things people notice about your company is its exterior signage. They are also one of the most effective forms of advertising for increasing foot traffic and generating revenue.If you want to expand your company and draw more customers, you must invest in appealing and effective bespoke outdoor signs. The correct sign will help you stick out from the crowd and set you apart from the competitors.

Another option is to design a directional sign that will guide prospective consumers to the correct location. These are excellent for guiding foot traffic and are frequently less expensive than building-mounted signs. A directional marker will assist customers in finding your company and navigating the parking area. It will also inform them of your store’s opening and closing times.

Understanding your target audience and using signs wisely are the keys to a successful outdoor sign. You can position your sign near the intersection of a busy road, along the border of a pathway, or even along the façade of a building. It is critical to select a sign that will both draw your ideal client and complement the style of your business.

An Phat Provides Durable, Cost-effective Exterior Signage

Custom exterior signage are a reliable marketing technique for practically all types of purposes, like promoting your brand, advertising sales and discounts, enhancing the customer experience, decorating your exterior, and many more. Because of their eye-catching aesthetic look, usefulness, durability, and strength, they are popular for commercial signs. An Phat Signs & Designs can help your business if you need stylish, long-lasting, and durable signs.

Our outstanding team of sign designers and manufacturers produces unique channel letters that exactly represent the style, font, colors, and personality of your brand. Our sign installation staff guarantees that your signs are properly installed and sturdy for many years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about the many sign services we provide, or if you’re ready to get started on your next project, please contact us at An Phat Signs Studio now to receive a price quote or to discuss our services for low-maintenance, high-quality signage.

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