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Channel Letter Signs – 7 Benefits of Custom Signs from An Phat Studio

Custom Channel Letter Signs

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At a glance, your company’s signage conveys a variety of details about your brand. It displays your company’s name (of course!), but there’s more to it than that. Several business have moved to channel letter signs for a variety of reasons, but it makes sense to list the different types of channel letters before we explore them to help you pick the best business signs for your organization. It conveys a tone through color, style, and scale. With this in mind, we’ve seen a growing number of organizations embrace the channel letter trend.

What is a channel letter?

Before we go any further, it’s important to answer a question you could have right now: “What distinguishes this type of sign from others?” So, the channel letters are three-dimensional, which means they extend from the wall. Each letter is composed of heavy-duty material (typically aluminum), making it rustproof and weatherproof against heat and moisture. The depth of each character changes based on the overall scale of the sign, and the front section of the character is covered with clear acrylic. These letters and numbers are affixed to the wall or the “raceway” installed on the wall.

The Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Excellent visibility

This is one of the most significant benefits, and it is one of the reasons channel-letter signs are so popular. This is because, whether the sign is illuminated or not, the channel letter sign may still provide excellent visibility, allowing everyone to locate your business whether they have been there before or not. We at AnPhat Studio can create a properly sized sign for your potential clients, since it is the most crucial aspect, so that people can see and understand it from a distance. You don’t want the sign to be too thin, but you also don’t want a large sign to dwarf your entrance.


One of the most significant advantages of channel letter signs is their low energy consumption. When you choose an LED channel letter, each character is illuminated with LEDs, guaranteeing that your channel letter signs can be seen from a distance, whether it is day or night.

Channel letters are quite durable

.Aluminum is lightweight but also a very durable material. It appears to be extremely resistant to natural elements such as heat, snow, rain, fire, ice, and even strong winds. It’s also quite inexpensive and requires little maintenance. If you need to repair your signage, channel letters are significantly easier to repair than neon signs, which tend to take more than a week to repair properly.

Easy and quick customizability

Because channel letters are manufactured from a highly flexible material, the signage business you select should be able to develop practically any size, shape, color, style, or form that you want. Most signs are made of aluminum, which is rust-proof, foldable, and can be modified based on the customer’s preferences and pricing request.

Brand Identification

Are you aiming to save expenses in marketing? Channel letter signs are an effective method for expressing the business name and logo. The typeface and logo pairings, which are viewed by thousands of passers-by every day, are customizable in a variety of ways. After all, high-quality branding materials such as signage, websites, and brochures will increase brand awareness and credibility while also making you appear more professional and well-dressed.


How can we forget to add that channel letter signs are ecologically friendly? If you’re trying to go green or adopt eco-friendly behaviors, this is the sign for you. The expense of maintaining one-time channel letter signs is minimal. You may need to inspect for weathering from time to time, but these long-lasting signs are built to last.Another advantage of channel letters is that they save electricity when used with LED bulbs.When you use LED lights, you get more energy efficiency. LED lights will last five years or longer, depending on their ranking and how much you keep the sign illuminated.

Many types of lighting

In a world of hundreds of signage options, it should come as no surprise that even channel lettering may be lit in unique ways. Although you may have channel letter signs that do not light up in the dark, those who desire 24-hour visibility should consider the numerous types of channel letters available on the market regardless of weather conditions, as well as their increased complexity.

  • Front-lit channel letters: the typical arrangement has a transparent or colored acrylic front surface and aluminum-backed returns (sides).
  • Reverse-lit Channel letters are the inverse of front-lit letters and are sometimes known as “halo-lit” or “backlit.” Metal on the front and translucent acrylic on the back make the lettering glow.
  • Open-Face Channel Letters: Another popular form is the open-face channel letter signs, which has the face exposed inside to show off any bulbs or neon tubes. Nevertheless, light restrictions in many areas also ban this form of channel letter.

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