7 Festive Halloween Decoration Ideas with Signboards

Making advertising signs, menus, decorations for Halloween super beautiful and cheap at Nguyen Long

Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday (after Christmas). Halloween using advertising signboards. Don’t let it pass you by, take the utmost of it. There are countless options for leveraging Halloween to get your business noticed and attract new customers.

Here at An Phat, we’ve been helping companies and business of all sizes expand their holiday sales for the past 8 years. Check out the list below for more inspiration and fresh, creative ideas you can use in your business signage to drive customers to your business during Halloween using advertising signboards

To create the most authentic “Halloweeny” atmosphere, there are some main things to take into account are:

Making advertising signs, menus, decorations for Halloween super beautiful and cheap at An Phát
Making advertising signs, menus, decorations for Halloween super beautiful and cheap at An Phát

1. Color combination – orange, black, white, gray, yellow…

Pumpkin decorations, pies, and wheat spikes are available to provide orange coloration. The stands with cemetery graphics, bats hanging from the ceiling, and witches hovering in the air will provide the most pleasant experience for your zombies (or a true Halloween experience for your customer).

If you’re looking for a unique approach to Halloween, try muted colors for your front porch decor. They provide a more modern, elegant aesthetic. Switch bright orange colors with softer shades of green and white. Maintain the color palette for all your arrangements to exude a unique style.

2. Don’t forget about music

Keep Halloween in the air with theme music with spooky boos and creepy voices whispering (There are some playlists on Youtube).

3. Lighting is very essential

Keep the space as dark as possible for a deeper effect. Even an ordinary knock on the door is scary in the dark.

4. Make-up and costumes

Is one of the main reasons why Halloween is expected. Waiters, waitresses, customer support specialists, and sales consultants will be pleased to dress as they would never on a normal day. If you have these, you can go ahead and do what will set you apart from others. Custom decals, 3D raised signs, and lightbox signs will create a unique Halloween look for your venue.

Great Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween window stickers

If your pub, bar, or shop has a window – even just one, this means you have plenty of free ad space to promote your sales and special offers in the most eye-catching and thematic way possible. Bats, witches, graveyards, or pumpkins will talk for you through window decals.

Wall decals for Halloween

Are there empty walls?

You have the chances to decorate your space in the Halloween spirit with large custom printed decals on your walls.

Witches flying over your walls, ghosts rising from the cemetery, pumpkins shooting something bloody, in their minds… will make your space buzz and make the ghosts of your customers as well as you be in a good mood.

Halloween banners

Are you hosting a spirit-filled event at your haunted pub or bar,

Or organizing a promotional campaign,

Or looking for signboards to decorate the lobby,

Or plan to have some ghostly guests come visit your house on Halloween?

For a truly spooky atmosphere, use a banner stand or hang a vinyl banner to grab extra attention with hair-rising banner boos so your ghosts stay for the booze..

Halloween Wooden Decorative Signs

What about these?

Making advertising signs, menus, decorations for Halloween super beautiful and cheap at An Phát
Making advertising signs, menus, decorations for Halloween super beautiful and cheap at An Phát

Let everyone know where the best ghosts, vampires, goblins and pixies in the city gather together to have the bloodiest party on this Halloween…with custom wooden signs of course. This all-time classic material will give your place the mysterious look you long for for this Halloween.

Halloween Flags

Wanna be noticed from afar?

Let spiders knit their webs and witches fly high on your Halloween flags. These event signs will bring a new wave of customers to your castle. You can use flags as unique Halloween decorations or announce your holiday sales with them.

Halloween – themed A Frame Signs

A-frame sign is ready to attract all the ghosts and crawlers for your All Hallows’ Eve night event! Your spooky graphics will direct the supernatural creatures towards your zombie space. Put a spell on your loyal zombies with a spine-chilling graphics and have a great party!

PVC Cut-Out for Halloween Party

Let your guest-ghosts or monster-customers have the most spine-chilling photos at your place. PVC signs or foam core signs make great spooky cut-outs which will help you have the halloweeny spirit all through the Halloween period. Being a cute devil will do as well.

Halloween Yard Signs

Halloween just can’t pass by your house or office (second house). Bring joy to your children, employers or deliver the Halloween mood to passers-by with your fang-tastic Halloween yard signs.

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween FAQs

Oh, some important facts that may help you in planning your party or creating your Halloween campaign:

What does the word Halloween mean?

Halloween is the day before the Christian holy days of All Hallows’ Day on 1 November and All Souls’ Day on 2 November. This is where the word “Halloween” comes from – Hallows’ Eve.

Why is Halloween celebrated on October 31?

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 because ancient Scottish festival Samhain, the root of Halloween, was on this day. According to them on this very day the two worlds of the living and the dead were the closest. This allowed the dead to cross the border and wander on Earth.

Why are Jack-O-Lanterns called so?

Jack-O-Lanterns are carved pumpkins with lanterns in them that are a symbol of Halloween. Before the Irish would migrate to America, turnips and potatoes were carved instead of pumpkins, but then pumpkins – bigger and more suitable for lighting – came to replace them. The name Jack-O-Lantern comes from “Stingy Jack” – an Irish myth hero. According to the legend he successfully tricks the devil and avoids going to hell but is unable to go to Heaven as well. Since that day he wanders the Earth and carries a lantern with him to light his way at nights.

Phobia from Halloween (Scare of Halloween)?

There’s a phobia from Halloween that even has a name – Samhainophobia.

Why do people dress up on Halloween in scary costumes?

The tradition of dressing up in scary costumes on Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtics. They believed that dressing up like ghosts, spirits or demons would blend them in with real ones that roam in the streets on that day. Thus they would stay safe and sound.

Nowadays Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday in US and Canada, meaning that YOU can boost your business easily just enjoying a happy day.

Go ahead, use these gravy decorations to give a spectacular look to your place and make a whole army of loyal customers on this Halloween.

If you need to make an advertising sign, decorate your store for the upcoming Halloween October 31, you can contact us through our Facebook fanpage!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article!

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