About An Phat Advertising Company, our products and services

About An Phat Advertising Company, our products and services

We Specialize in Design, Fabrication, Installation, Service & Repair.

An Phat Advertising is a full-service custom signs company serving Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh city, Binh Duong province, as well as accounts nationwide.

An Phat Advertising Company has been a leading option for the creation, production, and installation of distinctive signs, graphics, and printing for more than ten years. We have put a lot of effort into developing a reputation for continuously exceeding our clients’ high standards. An Phat is always prepared to deliver the high-quality service you require, whether it be creating a beautiful storefront sign or managing complicated installations.

We offer an in-house neon facility, CNC router, sheet metal and fabrication shop to create beautiful and affordable signs. To meet the needs of our clientele, our graphics department uses the most up to date digital printing and CAD tools. To learn more about us and to view our galleries, please browse our website. Contact us whenever you need assistance with a project; we would be honored to gain your business and are certain that we can meet or surpass your expectations.

After you’ve set up shop, you need to make sure you have proper signage for your customers and your staff. The right sign (retail signs, safety signs, event signs, business signs, etc.) to help you establish credibility and generate awareness for you business

Whether you have one site or several sites that require commercial signage; getting the right business sign that reflects your business and that can be seen by your visitors, staff and delivery drivers while meeting your budget can feel like a huge task.

As expert signage makers, we navigate you through external building signage options (of which there are many) and give you the pros and cons of each, so that you can be confident in the decision you make. Ultimately, our goal is that you end up with quality, long-lasting signage that looks fantastic.

Last year we designed and installed over 1.000 signs on stores, office buildings and chains of shops across the Ho Chi Minh ctiy and throughout the area.

An Phat will help you design, install signs for your store, business

We specialize in:

  • Apartment Signs
  • Shopping Mall Signs
  • Office Signs
  • Retail Signs
  • and all types of Commercial Property Signs

Comprehensive Sign Programs – From Small to Large Scale Signs

Whether you require modest signs, such as ADA signs, No Smoking signs, Tenant signs, Address signs, or huge signs such as Monument signs, Business signs, Storefront signs, throughout the phases of planning and design, we will consult with you. We’ll help you figure out what you need. Then come up with sign solutions and packages for all your properties.

We Value High-Quality Sign Design

The excellence of our sign design is just one of the numerous advantages of working with us. You can examine the variety of options by viewing our sign gallery. We can help your establishment stand out and give both your tenants and their customers a wonderful experience. Additionally, as you are aware, attractive uniform signage fosters desirability and raises rents in value.

Meeting Your Criteria
Competitive pricing with a reputation of prompt, courteous and professional service.

  • You can count on us since we’ll be there for you at every step of the way, including service calls.
  • We offer sign design, fabrication, installation, and service. Get everything done right from one source.
  • Even if you have several locations spread out over Ho Chi Minh city, we can handle all your sign needs for your properties.
  • We’ll deal with the permits and codes. We are familiar with all the city requirements including signage rules.
  • We can deal with problems without bothering you if necessary.

Please let us know if you have a concept or a specific need since we specialize in all sign types. We’ll get it done.

Contact us through our hotline and Zalo: 05 66 76 76 79

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An Phat will help improve your business’ visibility with outdoor LED signs

Business owners never stop thinking of ways to grow their business. Any avenues they explore must not only be affordable and practical but effective. Outdoor LED signs from YahamLED help entrepreneurs explore a fresh way of attracting new customers and retaining current clientele. To make the most of LED outdoor signage, business owners must understand what makes these signs so unique.

Sửa chữa bảng hiệu quảng cáo
Sửa chữa bảng hiệu quảng cáo

The benefits of LED signs

  • Drive Sales Revenue
  • Capture Attention
  • Low Maintenance
  • Flexible Messaging
  • Advertise Cost-Effectively

Why Choose an LED Business Sign from An Phat Advertising?

  • Custom Branding: One of the most effective ways to advertise your company’s identity is via LED signs. Our expert service signs are designed to make it simple for you to alter messages to brand your business in a matter of minutes without incurring any additional fees. Each sign is run in-store on software that gives you the ability to display logos, graphics, text and much more. Tailor messages to promote in-store specials, upcoming events, new employees and company partners and sponsors. To assist you in coming up with eye-catching adverts for your sign, we also provide a bespoke sign design service.
  • Connect Locally: People prefer to conduct business in their neighborhood. People may show their support for neighborhood businesses by shopping locally, which also gives customers a sense of security and comfort. You are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to not only develop potential relationships with local clients.

An Phat offer personalized and customized LED Neon signs

An Phat Advertising Company offer a wide range of personalized neon signs. Neon signs are available for use in businesses, as well as for home decoration, game rooms, gyms, bedrooms, bars, and weddings. Additionally, we can make it for you if you look for a unique neon sign like a word sign, name sign, or a logo LED sign. We also offer our customers to design their own customized neon sign in any size, colour or font. You can use custom neon signs as home décor, decorate your garage, gaming room or attractive hanging sign in your bar or restaurant.

LED Neon signs are a great addition to business interiors and exteriors. The high visibility of the modern neon sign makes it attractive for the business and quickly catches the customer’s eye. Further, these signs are energy-efficient and long-lasting. They are entirely customizable; you can create a neon sign with your chosen font, colour, and size.

Our store offers diverse types of word neon signs, neon arts signs, and neon sculptures for all kinds of needs, including home decor, weddings, and businesses. You can always create your own custom sign if you want a customized neon sign. You can turn any quote or caption into a custom neon sign. If you have other ideas for your neon sign, you can always reach out to us. We would love to turn any art into a lit neon sign

Benefits of the LED Neon signs at An Phat

  • Durable: LED Neon constitutes high-quality PVC that is fireproof and flexible. Unlike glass neon signs, it is shatterproof and easy to handle.
  • Energy Efficient & Safe: It consumes less energy with an input of 220V. In addition, it has a life span of over 30,000 hours and doesn’t emit any heat or dangerous gases.
  • Accessories Included: Each neon sign includes a remote/dimmer to adjust the brightness settings. Every neon sign comes with a sign hanging and wall mounting kit to easily mount or hang the neon sign.
  • Completely Customizable: Our neon signs are completely customizable in color, size, and the type of backboard. We also offer a free quote service for custom designs or images.

Contact us through our hotline and Zalo: 05 66 76 76 79

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Ultra Slim LED Light Boxes from An Phat 

For over 10 years and counting, An Phat Advertising has been redefining the market with LED light box illumination. As trends and technologies continually evolve, we are always stepping ahead. Now in 2022, light boxes are more popular than ever and we’ve created a new visual solution that truly fits with today’s modern style.

An Phat Advertising is proud to present our Ultra Slim LED Light Boxes. Thisproduct comes with all of the amazing benefits of our other light boxes, including excellent color uniformity and crisp vivid graphics. The Ultra Slim LED light box comes in a much thinner profile, being one of the smallest sizes available in the industry. As a result, these light boxes provide a much more modern and sleek appearance wherever they are displayed. In addition, they are lightweight and come pre-assembled, making installation quick and easy. Even though this new light box is smaller and lighter, it still uses our SEG graphic system, which means graphics can be easily installed and replaced when needed. Size options are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sleek design / Low profile
  • Energy efficient
  • Pre-assembled
  • Easy installation and customizable
  • Color Uniformity

In conclusion, it’s time to shave the bulk and replace your old light box with An Phat Ultra Slim LED light box, the ideal and more modern choice. Contact An Phat Advertising today and experience the difference for yourself.

Contact us through our hotline and Zalo: 05 66 76 76 79

Our Facabook: An Phat Advertising

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