Benefits of Custom Acrylic Signs for Your Business

Custom Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a great way to enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your workplace or building. Any wall they grace will have a refined appearance and feel thanks to them. They’re a wonderful substitute for employing delicate and more expensive glass because of their visibly translucent nature.

We want to share with you the benefits and value of utilizing custom acrylic signage around your workplace if you’re seeking a flexible signage choice that will create a great first impression.

Why Do Signs Use Acrylic Material?

Acrylic signs are commonplace in the UK and elsewhere; for companies looking for high-quality signs to stand out from the competition, they have become the standard. Acrylic signs are eye-catching and offer a long-lasting signage solution for companies of all shapes and sizes when used for both interior and external signage.

What benefits do acrylic signs offer?

The adaptability and durability of acrylic signage are likely to be their two greatest advantages. For instance, acrylic office signage may be placed both inside and outside the structure to give a business a streamlined and expert appearance.

Additionally, an acrylic business sign will normally last longer than signs made of other materials, so purchasing one now will save money in the long run as opposed to putting up a subpar plastic signboard and having to replace it within a year.

Among the other benefits of acrylic signage are:

  • Easily customisable
  • Many illumination options
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Professional and attractive

In the end, businesses will find acrylic to be a helpful signage material for everything from office door plaques to an outdoor sign that is water-resistant.

Are Acrylic Signs Paintable?

In order to perfectly fit the logo of a company or a marketing campaign, your manufacturer can custom-paint acrylic signs. To provide a uniform finish over the sign, this is normally done with a professional atomizer gun. Applying colored vinyl to the acrylic sign as a substitute for painting the acrylic directly can result in a custom sign with a sturdy acrylic base.

How Long Will 3mm Acrylic Last?

Office signs made of acrylic may last up to 10 times longer than similar glass office signs and are shatterproof. While acrylic signs are more likely to endure slight impact and be a sturdy addition to your structure, glass signs are sometimes seen as a problematic outdoor sign material because of uncontrolled weather situations. Generally speaking, the thicker the acrylic, the stronger it is.

What is the optimal sign thickness?

The general rule is that the thicker an acrylic sign is, the stronger it is. However, the amount of sturdiness provided by, say, the thickest acrylic office signage is frequently not required. Businesses seeking acrylic signage around the UK frequently pick between 3mm and 6mm acrylic. These two alternatives cover the majority of situations, with the 6 mm sign’s thickness making it ideal for outdoor acrylic store signs or other similar applications.

How are LED Acrylic Signs Made?

Traditional neon signage has a glass look and allows for maximum light diffraction. LED acrylic signs are a contemporary replacement. As a result, the sign may be stronger and frequently more beautiful thanks to the LEDs that are employed to light it. Prior to hollowing out the letters or forms to create room for the LEDs, the acrylic is cut into the required shape for LED acrylic signage. The acrylic’s sharper edges can then be rounded to make them resemble classic neon signs in certain establishments, although the sharp edges can also be left on some.

In order to create the desired color, the forms can then be powder coated or vinyl can be applied, and the LEDs are fitted into the inside edge of the sign, supported by acrylic or aluminum to protect the LEDs. Because they use low-energy LEDs instead of neon and have a high-quality acrylic base, acrylic signs are a wonderful choice for drawing attention.

How Can an Outdoor Sign Be Made Waterproof?

One of the reasons why companies frequently use acrylic as a water-resistant sign material is because it is a highly weather-resistant substance. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that any color applied to the acrylic sign must be done so with water-resistant paint or vinyl; otherwise, the acrylic’s colors may be degraded. In actuality, the color typically weathers more quickly than the acrylic itself.

How Does an Acrylic Sign Installed?

The installation of an acrylic sign should be done properly, even though it is usually a very straightforward operation. An acrylic sign and its accompanying mount require two people to properly install, as well as common equipment like a screwdriver, level, ruler, and drill. As an alternative, some acrylic signs are mounted using strong glue or standoff bolts to make the sign appear to float away from the wall.

Is Acrylic More Advantageous Than Plexiglass?

Despite the fact that plexiglass is a common name for acrylic signs, acrylic and plexiglass are the same material. Acrylic signs and plexiglass signs are the same, yet it’s usual for businesses looking for office door signs to be confused by their interchangeability.

Cons of Arcylic Signs

Even though acrylic is as adaptable and long-lasting as other signage materials, it has drawbacks.

For instance, acrylic signs may scratch more easily than equivalent glass choices, yet it is actually simpler to restore acrylic than glass by polishing. Sandpaper or other abrasive materials should never be used to treat damage to acrylic signs. Moreover, grease and oil are simple stains for acrylics. The acrylic itself won’t be harmed by cleaning these with water and a gentle detergent, though.

Acrylic is a long-lasting alternative to glass when it comes to any form of sign, whether you’re placing inside-office door signs or outside-shop advertising. It is undeniably more expensive than glass at first.

Which Material Makes The Best Outdoor Sign?

Acrylic is one of the best materials for an outdoor sign because of its longevity and resistance to the elements. With the capacity to incorporate LEDs into acrylic signs, the appealing advantages of neon signs can be imitated with a robust material, enabling businesses to promote successfully throughout time.

Do Acrylic Signs Good for Businesses?

For many kinds of businesses, acrylic signs are a fantastic option. The appropriate acrylic sign may be a wise investment for your business, whether you need a water-resistant sign for outdoor usage or eye-catching office door plaques.

An Phat Advertising Company – A Custom Acrylic Signs Experts

Not all custom acrylic signs for retail and business are the same. An Phat Advertising has served businesses of all types in Thu Duc city, Binh Thanh district, Go Vap district, District 1, District 2,… and many more around Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong Province and Nation wide for over 10 years.

An Phat Signs Studio offer a wide range of sign options for a business owner to choose from. Our team of experts can help you create the perfect signs for your needs. From small retail store to large corporate offices nationwide, we’ve done it all. We can help you with coming up with an attractive custom acrylic signs design. Of course, we can also work within your existing brand guidelines.

If you have any questions or would like to get started on your own custom office lobby sign, please don’t hesitate to call us or you can request a online quote through our Zalowebsite, and our Facebook page. We’re always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.

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