Custom LED Neon Signs in Ho Chi Minh city

Custom LED Neon Signs in Ho Chi Minh city

LED Neon signs are an excellent choice in Ho Chi Minh City for businesses who like to interact with their consumers through multimedia content. These eye-catching, strong communication tools have become a popular choice for many businesses, regardless of industry. LED advertisements in Ho Chi Minh City boost the chances of attracting more customers by presenting compelling content due to their high visibility.

Digital advertising attracts six times more attention than static content, and as your local LED neon sign shop in Ho Chi Minh City, we can assist you in benefiting on this fact. Our customised LED signs are ideal for catching the attention of your target audience and convincing them to connect with your business.

Our custom led signs at An Phat Signs are built with the finest materials, are warrantied, and come with user-friendly software, making them reliable and long-lasting. You may even modify or schedule the message that appears on the screen at any time. We provide customized LED signage that can be modified to any form or size for both interior and exterior use.

LED Signs in Ho Chi Minh city

Many business owners are still drawn to the unique nostalgic atmosphere that neon lights create. However, few people are aware of the expensive maintenance and repair requirements, which rule out real neon as a viable business venture.

But don’t worry, because we have a solution: we can use LED signs to create a neon-like effect. LED signs are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and use less power, making them an excellent replacement for classic neon signs in Ho Chi Minh City. We are one of the top LED neon sign companies in Ho Chi Minh City when it comes to offering the proper signage alternatives for your business.

Custom LED Neon Signs in Ho Chi Minh city.

LED signs are the best option for an environmentally friendly and low-maintenance illuminated business sign. Because they can be modified to any form, size and style to match your company needs, they are the ideal signage alternative for any business. They not only have the traditional look of a Neon sign, but they are also utilized to make numerous backlit and lightbox signs such as channel letters, dimensional letters, cabinet signs, and many more.

Custom LED signs are a must-have for late-night Ho Chi Minh City businesses such as convenience stores, petrol stations, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and theaters since these establishments must be extremely visible in order for their consumers to find them effortlessly.

Our LED Neon sign professionals at An Phat Signs will offer you with the ideal illuminated signs for business that will not only match your entire branding but will also fit inside your budget. With a diverse range of colors, styles, and animation possibilities, we ensure that none of our clients’ preferences will ever be compromised.

We make economical LED neon signs for advertising
We make economical LED neon signs for advertising

Benefits of Using LED Neon Signs

This type of advertising has been used for more than a hundred years. Recently illuminated advertising has made significant technical progress. LED Neon signs is the latest development in this sector. We will present to you the benefits, why LED neon signs is beneficial compared with conventional glass neon lights.

  • Long lifespan: The average lifespan of LED signs is 50.000 hours or 12 years of 12-hour lighting per day
  • Low energy consumption: Because of the excellent efficiency of LED technology, energy consumption is 6 to 8 times lower than that of glass signages. This will greatly cut the electricity bill.
  • No risks of burns: Due to the high effectiveness, LED signages generate significantly less waste heat than glass.
  • High resistance: LED signages are more durable in extreme weather conditions, are resistant to vibration, and are usually water-resistant.
  • Eye-catching brightness: LED creates a beautiful and bright light. That makes signage not only visible from a distance, but also simple to read, especially at night.
  • Astonishing color: LED light choices provides an excellent spectrum of colors.
  • Environmentally friendly: LED sign uses only 20% of energy compared with other light signs and do not give up as much heat.
  • Low maintenance: LED signs are also much easier to clean, work well out and indoor. If you have them outside, they hardly need any protection from the weather.
  • Thinner signs: LED signs are significantly smaller than neon signs. Smaller sizes mean lower shipping costs, easier installation.
  • Flexible signage options: Virtually anything can be created using LEDs. Each light can be independently programmed, create stunning color changes or animation.

Order your custom LED Neon signs by An Phat

An Phat Signs, a full-service sign company in Ho Chi Minh City, is dedicated to resolving all of your signage questions and providing creative customized business signs that will help you communicate successfully with your audience.

We offer complete solutions for every stage of LED Neon signs production, including design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. We always include our clients in the process to ensure they receive precisely what they desire.

If you need signs in Ho Chi Minh City or the surrounding areas, contact us now to learn more about how our experienced signage services may help your food and beverage establishment thrive in a competitive market.

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