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Hotel Signs

Hotel signs has always been an important role in not only improving the running of the properties, but also in increasing client pleasure throughout their stay. Proper signage helps guests orient themselves not just in connection to their room, but also in reference to essential lodging facilities such as restaurants, spas, swimming pools, and so on.

Clearly, such ease of movement within the hotel grounds can lead to greater in-hotel sales from these divisions, hence boosting the hotel’s upselling strategy.

The overall Hotel Concept as well as its Design aesthetics have a direct impact on the identification of a hotel’s signage. The design of the signs should ideally be chosen in consultation with the Interior Designer, so that the end product is visually suitable with the overall hotel style and ambience.

Aside from good design, the process of signage specification is also required, as it is during this phase that the materials, method of installation, and, most importantly, the position of each signboard, based on the purpose we want it to serve, are chosen.

In this post, we have compiled five strategies for creating outstanding hotel signage for you. This demonstrates how the appropriate signage specification may result in the best possible results, while the ensuing ideas can be a valuable source of inspiration for hoteliers looking to especially update this aspect of their company.

Signage Designs fit the Hotel’s surrounding space and aesthetics

The ideal hotel experience should be completely quiet and pleasant, allowing visitors to rest and enjoy themselves without being burdened with anything superfluous. In this context, the appropriate hotel signage plays a crucial role in allowing travellers to ‘find’ their way inside the property easily and quickly, and, most importantly, without having to go through the process of searching for what they want to find.

Beyond the utilitarian aspect, however, harmonizing the signage with the rest of the hotel is also crucial since it helps guests to see it as a part of the surrounding area rather than something that solely serves to inform them. The inscriptions should be a natural extension of the design, complementing the beauty of the hotel while providing helpful and required information to the travelers.

Hotel Signs

Using the Hotel’s logo as a key design element

The hotel’s branding should ‘follow’ it in all aspects of its existence, from its internet presence to its paperwork and signs. A strong brand helps travelers associate with the hotel more readily, while also offering visual cues that help them recognize it quickly, even after leaving.

A dynamic inclusion of the hotel logo into the accommodation’s signage also serves to establish its entire identity, in addition to the aforementioned recognition potential of current clients. A highlighted point with the hotel’s emblem, for example, can be a particular Instagram place in front of which clients will be taken while advertising your hotel “for free” through their social media.

Hotel Signs

Creating a impressive signboards with minimal design

Hotel signage does not have to be complicated in order to be effective and appealing. Although the minimalist design style is no longer as trendy, in some circumstances, minimalism still works well and fulfills its purpose.

A signboard with a lot of letters, colors, patterns, and symbols might be eye-catching and spectacular, but they can also confuse a visitor searching for simple information or, worse, fail to convey the message. The interior designer should create the most efficient signboards, which are both elegant and useful, based on the hotel’s idea and aesthetics.

Hotel Signs

Planning and layout

Many regions, particularly smaller islands or mountainous areas, build accommodations in line with natural space design, with the development of their amenities typically following the natural slope of the terrain. In these instances, good signage is not only required, but it should also be significantly denser, taking into account all of the different pathways that travelers might take.

At the same time, because most such scenarios involve the placement of signboards outside, additional consideration should be given to making their typefaces and text visible in daytime, particularly in places with strong sunshine. Simultaneously, smart lighting approaches should be employed at night, which will not interfere with the overall aesthetics of the destination or the visitors’ experience.

Hotel Signs

Facade signs signifies thet he hotel’s professionalism

The hotel’s central signboard, which is usually located on the building’s or resort’s facade, is regarded as one of the most important pieces of signage, not only because it makes the property easily visible from the road, but also because it represents the property’s central entrance, welcoming newly arrived guests and eliciting their first positive feelings.

At the same time, we must remember that, in addition to signs on the façade and inside the accommodation, signboards outside indicating the hotel’s entry are required — notably in hotels that are not immediately visible from or tangent to the road. Furthermore, if the hotel is located in a distant or secluded region, signage along the path to the property grounds is required.

Hotel Signs


Through these five recommendations, it is evident that good hotel signs is critical for every modern hotel, regardless of size or location. Even for the most visible signage applications, such as facade signs or hotel room numbering, suitable design and specification assures a product that is totally in line with the hotel’s idea, design, and overall aesthetics.

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Hotel Signs

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Hotel Signs

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