Did you know about Rusty Sign, a classic trend in 2023?

Rusty sign design for stores at An Phat

If you need to make a rusty advertising sign that is being chosen by many store owner, at Nguyen Long we can make sign with unique effects and bring a classic look to your establishments. It exudes luxury and can easily attract potential customers.

Do you know why so many of our customers are choosing this type of rusty sign? If not, please join appro.com.vn know more about this type of advertising sign!

What is Rusty Advertising Signs?

Rusty signs are a great choice for service establishments because of their uniqueness and high aesthetics.

These billboards are considered a type of advertising sign that recalls the old, classic things and helps these trending service establishments become more attractive to customers because they will make the stores feel luxurious.

You often encounter rusty signs at service establishments such as: bars, clubs, nostalgic cafes, rustic fashion shops, restaurants with classic or old-fashioned styles, or monuments being restored…

You can find this type of advertising sign anywhere that uses this retro style.

Rusty sign design for stores at An Phat
Rusty sign design for stores at An Phat

The structure of the rusty sign

The rusty signboard’s structure is similar to other types of advertising signs, including 2 main parts: the raised letters and the background. Some places even skip the sign and just use the raised letters. Its structure includes:

The components of the signboard are: the current raised letter part is often made of aluminum, stainless steel, etc.; and the face of the advertising sign is usually made of mica and covered with rusty colored paint to create a rusty accent for the sign.

What is rust paint?

Design pattern from rust effect
Design pattern from rust effect

Rust paint, also known as rust effect paint, the name of the paint that says it all, is a form of paint on textured surfaces that looks like metal that has been oxidized and rusted for a long time.

This effect is achieved when using fake rust paint, a new type in the paint category in Vietnam. This is a paint imported from Europe and is still quite new to many investors or even domestic contractors.

Rusty imitation paint, when applied, surface will looks like a metal sheet that has been rusted for a long time, but is actually still smooth and easy to clean. This is the perfect replacement for one-color water-based paints that have become outdated and boring.

The current new trend is the use of surface imitation paints such as: imitation rust paint, concrete effect paint, imitation concrete paint, imitation stone paint, wood imitation paint, or mossy imitation paint.

Rust imitation paint is often used to decorate the walls in cafes, bars, bedrooms, living rooms, villas, showrooms, apartments, architectural offices, etc.

After being constructed, the wall will give a rustic, novel, and artistic feeling.

Usually, rusty imitation paint is chosen to construct the accent wall, but there are also shops that boldly paint the entire interior and exterior walls to create a unique style, expressing the strong personality of the owner.

Is it easy to make these kinds of signs? 

Design pattern from rust effect
Design pattern from rust effect

Every field needs to have certain requirements and experience to be able to create beautiful and quality products.

In the construction and design of signs too, it is also required that you have experience in this field to be able to create quality advertising signs and meet the needs of customers when placing orders to make a sign at An Phat Advertisement Company.

There are many units to design and construct advertising signs, but not all units can make rusty signs.

Without experience, the rusty signs will not be aesthetically pleasing and will not depict the old and classic style that customers want.

Therefore, An Phat has researched for a long time, consulted many sources of documents, and used professional builders and designers with many years of experience working in the field of advertising to be able to help products create a beautiful appearance. luxurious and nostalgic as the customers’ desire.

So don’t think that making advertising signs is a simple and quick job!

To achieve the desired effect, the advertising sign maker has worked hard and spent a lot of time on the advertising sign so that it can reach the highest perfection and highest quality.

The advantages of making rusty signs at An Phat: 

Design pattern from rust effect

Online design support.

Enthusiastic consultation, fast design, speedy communication.

Committed to quality at an affordable price.

Long-term warranty, quick service.

The finished rusty signboard is sure to make you satisfied.

An Phat’s rusty signs are always cheaper than other advertising companies in Ho Chi Minh City.

A team of professionals specializing in the field of advertising sign design.

Professional rusty sign making equipments.

Rust paint is purchased at reputable establishments, so you can rest assured when making rusty signs at An Phat.

If you need to make a rusty sign, you can contact us through Mr. Nguyen Long Facebook!

Thank you for your time reading this post!

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