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7 Tips and Advice on How to Design and Customize Banners for Your Business

Customize Banners

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When it comes to marketing your company, the initial goal should be to attract the attention of passersby. Customize banners are one of the most straightforward and efficient ways of catching people’s attention from a distance. Thankfully, customize banners are less difficult to produce than you would imagine. All it takes is some forethought and having a few crucial tactics up your sleeve. Here’s how to make a banner that will catch people’s attention.

Choose a location for your customize banner

The spot you wish to hang your customize banner will determine your sign’s size, color, message, and material. Is your customize banner going to be displayed above your store entrance, at a sporting event, at a farmers’ market, or in a window display? A double-sided banner is ideal for communicating a message to clients both inside and outside your store, while a retractable banner is ideal for transporting to trade events and marketplaces.

Consider where your client will be when they read your banner (standing, strolling, driving, or seated on a train) and how far away they will be. This influences the size of the banner, whether you go vertical or horizontal, the font you choose, and the number of words you have to work with.

Customize banner from An Phat
The location of the banner will determine the design process

One of the best advantages of using a vinyl banner to share your message with the world is having the flexibility to put it where you need it most, without the cost of constructing a permanent sign. Many churches attach banners to their main street marquee but there are many other ways to install a vinyl banner in both temporary and permanent applications.

You should also think about the background of the customize banner (are there green trees, red bricks, or white walls?). You want your banner to stand out against the background. It all comes down to attracting your customer’s attention.

Keep your message simple and focused

Every customize banner should have a specific function, so think about what you want people to do when they see your banner. You could want customers to come into your business, seek a quote, or visit your website, for example. Whatever the purpose of your banner, ensure that your call to action is clear and succinct.

In the world of words, less is more. Most people will view your banner from a distance (and maybe only for a split second if they’re on the go), so make sure your message is clear. Pick short, direct, easy-to-read phrases that are free of needless words; if you can omit a word and your meaning remains unchanged, do so.

Customize banner from An Phat
Keep you customize banner design simple but on point, highlight main focus

Establish a visual and narrative hierarchy

The hierarchy of your messaging and content will have a significant impact on the efficacy of your customize banner. Highlight important information and make sure your core messages are visible, whether through an enlarged photo or a bolded title.

Organize the other parts (such as supplementary information or extra data) in a smaller typeface around this main focus point.

Choose a readable font

Using traditional, strong typefaces like Helvetica, Century Gothic, and Verdana can help give your customize banner a professional appearance and feel while maintaining good readability. Avoid using humorous or odd typefaces, since your consumers will have a more difficult time reading what you have to say.

Because your customize banner will be viewed from a greater distance, consider going big when it comes to text size. Furthermore, try to prevent a jumble of font sizes. Keep your design to a limit of three to avoid it seeming cluttered.

Use imagery

Keep it basic, as with all other design ideas. If you think photographs should be included in your customize banner, use visuals as a background to help make a visual connection. If you’re advertising a discount program, a new product, or another special event, use graphics that make it clear what the topic is at a glance. With your customize banner, always utilize art and images to support, not drive, the content.

Customize banner from An Phat
Use a variety of design combinations, including color contrast and imagery

Employ colors to create contrast

While it’s crucial to keep your customize banner on brand and utilize the same colors as the rest of your marketing, it’s also important to pay close attention to how you mix them. As a general guideline, you want a lot of contrast between the letters and the backdrop, so use a dark font on a light background or vice versa.

Similarly, avoid pastels, which tend to blend in with the background, and instead choose for stronger colors. If your branding colors are soft and light, just produce a stronger version of the same color for more contrast on the banner.

Choose a design template

Now that you know how to design a unique customize banner, it’s time to bring the elements together into a final design. Start with a customizable template, then add your text, pick your font, upload your logo, and change the layout until it’s right for your business.

Instead, if you already have a complete banner design, you may just upload it to the banner of your choosing. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, in our experience, are the best formats to use when uploading your design.

Customize banner from An Phat
There are various ways to design your own banner; you can even hire a designing company.

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