Using Hotel Signs to Improve the Guest’s Experience

Hotel Signs Improve Guest's Experience

All of us have seen how a fancy hotel develops its reputation and attracts guests with five-star facilities and extravagant interior decor. It may be more successful than you think to use hotel signs to improve the guest experience. And we at An Phat Signs have been producing and installing signs for more than ten years, designing classy signs for some of the most prominent hotel brands on the planet, both in Ho Chi Minh City and nationwide.

The Importance of Hotel Signage

The quality of your hotel’s signage might be the difference between a seamless travel through all of your venue’s regions and a guest getting lost there, which can lead to a reduced average expenditure from visitors while they are there. Additionally, signage is a long-lasting, low-cost, and efficient marketing tool. No matter the style, caliber, scale, or location of your venue, the following are some of the primary purposes of signage in hotels:

  • Visitors can be jet lagged, exhausted from a long trip, not good at English, or all of the above when they arrive. They can find their way from the restaurant to the exercise room to the reception or to their own room with the help of good, clear wayfinding signs.
  • Directional signs may be useful whether visitors are trying to find the spa or other recreational areas, find their way to the grounds, find a particular conference or meeting space, or find any other area of your property. People might not even be aware that these facilities are there without this notification, after all.
  • By combining the colors and philosophy of your brand, hotel signage may strengthen brand identity and provide consistency throughout your entire site. Your signage conveys your brand identity and distinguishes you from your competitors.
  • Additionally, this kind of hospitality signage offers your hotel’s interior design a very polished appearance. You will be able to use a variety of textures, fonts, colors, and materials.

Top Tips for Hotel Signage

At first glance, creating hotel signage may appear difficult. When planning a strategy for both outside and interior signage at your facility, bear the following points in mind:

Use High-Quality Materials

Given that branding and brand identification are two of the main purposes of hotel signage, the materials you choose for your hospitality signage may reveal a lot about your business. If you choose cheap, inferior materials, that is the appearance you will get. So consider which ones will fit the appearance and feel your hotel brand is going for. If sustainability is a value that is very important to you, then consider that as well.

It is obvious that the signage must be in good condition and free from signs of wear and tear. Weather-proof materials, especially for outdoor signs, can ensure their lifespan and help you prevent your business from seeming shabby or untidy.

Don’t Forget Exterior Signage

Even before visitors reach your reception area, they will already be attempting to identify your hotel, possibly while navigating a congested street or looking for the parking lot. The importance of this signpost is due to this. It also includes more components than you might be aware of, ranging from the outside signage at the front that features the name and logo of your hotel to directional signage in the parking lot and farther out on the street.

Larger hotels frequently employ tourist signs to point tourists in the direction of their buildings; this promotes your venue and informs possible passing customers where it is.

Use Illuminated Signs

From lighted external signs to backlit room names or numbers, the proper illumination may significantly improve the efficacy of signage. Lighting can improve any hotel signage, whether it’s inside or outside. In fact, if your hotel’s signage isn’t illuminated, it could not even be seen once it gets dark if other lights in the space are turned off or, perhaps, a bulb has broken. Because of this, room names or numbers and any outdoor signs ought to have lights. Neon signs or LED lighting are both options.

Use Wayfinding Signs

As was previously mentioned, one of the most significant sorts of signage you’ll see in a hotel is wayfinding signs. It is obviously crucial that each space can be easily located, especially in a bigger arena. In the end, this sort of directional signage may assist at indirectly increasing visitor spending in your hotel by pointing them toward locations like the spa or restaurant, where they’re more likely to make a purchase. In addition, if they don’t feel angry about getting lost, they will be in a better mood and more ready to part with their money. If a visitor is unable to locate a facility, they may give up and feel frustrated.

Signage that directs people in the right direction is crucial if you organize business events and are hosting visitors who are unfamiliar with your location. At conferences and similar events, time is usually limited, so attendees will need to navigate the venue without incident, especially if they come late or want to remain for a longer event that lasts one or more days. Event planners will take clean, legible signage for granted.

Signs Must Be Clearly Visible From a Distance

Your external signage needs to be readable from a distance in order to effectively represent the brand, especially for large hotel-front signs. This is something to keep in mind because it’s a feature of hotel signage that’s frequently disregarded. Legibility is very crucial, and your signs will be simpler to read if you utilize a big, clear typeface, keep the visual clutter to a minimum, and use contrasting colors.

Consider Window Graphics

Window decorations, which are frequently made of vinyl, may significantly improve the appearance and atmosphere of conference and meeting rooms, restaurant doors, glass partitions, and hotel entrances and exits. You may use these graphics for directional signs or for basic branding.

Choosing the Ideal Color

Subtly conveying company values via color, warm hues provide a warm welcome, colder tones suggest quality and relaxation, and black and white might signify high-end elegance. These hues are absorbed by people, and they unconsciously link them to your company.

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An Phat Signs and Designs is a Ho Chi Minh City-based large-format signage firm, but we provide service in the entire country of Vietnam. We provide graphic installation and signage manufacturing for a wide range of industries. We have worked on several hotel signs for well-known businesses as well as luxury suites at some of the largest sporting venues in the nation.

An Phat Advertising provide a full manufacturing and installation solution for hotel signs, together with unmatched after-care. If you need backlit signage, outdoor totem signs, conference room renovation services, bar and restaurant signage, or anything else, talk to us. We provide a wide variety of interior and external signage, including durable, high-quality acrylic signs and metal signs.

So we have some expertise with using hotel signage to improve the guest experience! Get in contact with us right now for a casual, cost-free, and obligation-free discussion about what we can do for your hospitality brand.

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