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Wayfinding Signs: 6 Reason Why They are Important for Business

Wayfinding Signs

(Bài tiếng Việt) Wayfinding signs, like road signs, may help visitors navigate within facilities they have never visited before by showing them what path they are on, just like drivers on the highway wanting to know where the next exit is. The presence (or absence) of wayfinding signs has an impact on the customer experience. […]

Using Hotel Signs to Improve the Guest’s Experience

Hotel Signs Improve Guest's Experience

All of us have seen how a fancy hotel develops its reputation and attracts guests with five-star facilities and extravagant interior decor. It may be more successful than you think to use hotel signs to improve the guest experience. And we at An Phat Signs have been producing and installing signs for more than ten […]

9 Salon Sign Tips Help You Attract More Clients and Promote Your Spa

Is the only message on your salon sign “Open for business”? It’s time you took advantage of them to increase sales. Try some of these simple ideas for salon signs to attract more clients to your establishment. Salon signs may appear to be an outdated kind of advertising in the era of selfies and social […]

Custom Signs and Graphics for Salon in HCM City

Custom Signs and Graphics for Salon in HCM City

Every salon has its own style, personality and a unique set of services to offer… this is how they attract consumers and develop in the highly competitive cosmetics industry. To stand out and impress people people, a salon owner must have a particular style and appeal. Custom-made salon signage are also required to precisely represent […]

Gorgeous beauty spa signboards

gorgeous beauty spa signboard

The gorgeous beauty spa signboards was designed and constructed by An Phat Advertising & Design Company. With many years of experience in the advertising sign industry, An Phat provides many services such as making signs, light boxes, electrical paintings, decal stickers and making decorative neon signs with high quality and reasonable price to meet customer […]

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