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POP Display

Industry rivalry is fierce, and marketing is the best instrument for making your company stand out. You put a lot of effort into getting people into your shop, but you can’t stop there. The first part of the struggle is getting them inside. They are being urged by the other half to add more items to their carts. Continue marketing your goods inside your store if you want to have a significant influence on your revenue.

A point-of-purchase or POP display successfully draws attention to the goods and specials you’re offering in-store. They encourage clients to complete their transaction with one last push. Point-of-purchase displays help you stand out from the competition by expanding your consumer base and enhancing brand performance.

What are Point-of-Purchase – POP Displays?

POP displays are any advertising signage placed close to the goods they promote.

Point-of-purchase marketing may improve your shop space regardless of what you offer. You may use point-of-purchase displays to accentuate the locations where your items are displayed, whether they are on racks, tables, shelves, or bins.

You may make your own POP displays using a variety of goods, including:

These POP display ideas may be customized to match your logo and improve your particular shop location. POP displays will highlight your items and persuade people to purchase something they would not have otherwise. For the best outcomes, SpeedPro can assist you in developing a bespoke design using the appropriate components.

Will a POP Display Works?

Have you ever gone to one of your favorite stores for one item and emerged with a cart filled with merchandise? Greetings from the club. According to a market study, 40% of customers admit to going over budget while shopping in a physical store. POP displays encourage customers to make these impulsive purchases at your shop since consumers frequently buy more goods than they require.

The benefit of point-of-purchase displays is that they draw customers’ attention, entice them to look closer, and prompt them to think about buying a product they may have otherwise overlooked. Customers can use the information on your display to inform their decision-making. Customers find shopping more fascinating when they are informed about new items, which might lead to spontaneous purchases.

POP displays are beneficial to customers since they may introduce them to new items and offer them great bargains. Retailers profit from an increase in revenue. In one research, shops claimed that permanent displays increased sales by 19% and temporary displays by 23.8%. Point-of-purchase advertising is an intelligent investment that produces results.

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How to Use a POP Display effectively?

A POP display’s main goal is to change consumer behavior by conveying the proper message through an eye-catching design. The following advice will help you make the most of your POP marketing.


An appealing design is the best way to communicate your message. Choose bright colors and legible large print for your documents. Use big logos, memorable words, and geometric shapes to draw in clients. To retain a unified message and look, integrate your point-of-purchase displays into the rest of your branding strategy.


Choose your POP exhibit location carefully to maximize impact.Take into account the layout of your business and pay attention to how people usually move about it. For the most exposure, set up a POP display at eye level in busy places. POP displays are frequently positioned close to the checkout area so that patrons may view them as they wait for a register. They could even be tempted to buy something at the last minute.


Customers are eager to learn about your business and check out all of your offerings and promotions. They will be drawn to POP displays, but only briefly. Try to cram as much information as you can into a succinct, straightforward message. Use a point-of-purchase display for promotions to inform clients about the value they will receive from your items and to emphasize any special offers.

The perfect POP display instructs clients on what to do next and concludes with a call to action.

Reduced work for employees

You could simply have a few personnel on hand to help consumers at your business, depending on your sector. POP displays are active 24 hours a day, guiding customers to specific products and offering insightful information about your goods. Customers can quickly discover what they need and then some, freeing up your team to attend to other crucial duties.

Increasing Sales

Customers that are prepared to buy are already in your store with their wallets in hand. It’s simple to encourage customers to add a few additional goods to their order if they’re already purchasing other items.

POP displays entice customers and emphasize the benefits of your goods to promote impulsive purchases. Customers are more likely to leave your store with more than they intended, which will increase your business’s income.

What’s next?

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