Building’s Exterior Signs: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

Exterior Signs

Exterior signs for building and business’s property are an excellent method to deliver your message to customers before they even come in the door. Building signs, whether 3D lettering, an illuminated lighbox sign, or custom metal signboard, are a vital approach for your business to reach out to customers. However, not all building’s exterior signs are made equal. So we thought we’d show you some instances of outside building signage—both good and bad.

Not all exterior property sign examples are worth repeating

Yes, you read it correctly: there are bad exterior signs. We’re not going to use a wishful thinking strategy in which all businesses appear to nail their signage every time. In reality, there is such a thing as a sign fail. And when it comes to sign failures, here’s all we know—you don’t want it to be your business.

What you shouldn’t do

That is why you can afford to take the time to study what others have done incorrectly. You can avoid doing what they’ve done that hasn’t worked out so well if you know what they’ve done. So let’s start with a few “don’ts” for creating exterior signs.

Do not misspell important words (or any words at all)

Not only should you aim for effective sign copy, but you should also aim for quality. That implies you must proofread. After all, you want potential consumers and clients to respect you. As a result, you must portray your organization as a place where individuals know what they’re doing.

Exterior Signs

Don’t leave crooked characters.

Don’t install channel letters, dimensional letters, or address numbers in a haphazard manner on your building. Instead, arrange them such that they perfectly match up—both with the structure and with the other letters in the set.

Don’t forget to fix any faulty lights.

Many of us have seen it before: a row of front-lit channel lettering, one or more of which is noticeably dark. Don’t allow that happen to you. For starters, it will appear broken (and who wants their company to convey an image of imperfection and improfessional?).

Second, it has the potential to dramatically transform your organization. Like the Hackney Coat Company, which dropped the o in Coat and became the Hackney C at Company. That one is probably the quickest method for a company to switch industries – from a clothes store to a pet store.

Exterior Signs

What you should do

Now that we’ve gotten the bad exterior signs examples out of the way, let’s look at the positive. It’s time for a healthy dose of success and optimism. Here are several example of a well-designsing exterior sings that can teach us a few things worth copying.

If you want to be seen, go big.

Customers will not take an unanticipated detour off a highway exit to visit your restaurant or grocery store if the lettering are too tiny. Visibility is extremely important. Unless, if you’re trying to hide the location of your business so that no one can find it. Which you might want to do if you work for the Secret Police and are based in an unmarked building in the Capital City.

However, because you’re probably not a member of the Secret Police, we’ll presume you want your clients, customers, and local residents to be able to locate and see your business location.

Depending on your scenario, being noticed may need going large—huge fonts, big logo, etc. But don’t mix huge with wordy. Big signage might really have very few words.

Exterior Signs

Use clever contrast

The contrast in your sign is what makes it lively, noticeable, and simple to read even from a distance. The higher the contrast of your sign, the simpler it is to see – and thus the easier it is to express your argument to the people.

Color is one of the simplest ways to create contrast. High-contrast color choices, such as black on yellow or red on white, capture attention and boost readability, making your message more difficult to overlook. Ideally, you should use opposing colors for your sign’s primary parts, such as black lettering on a light or neutral backdrop (or vice versa).

Maintain simplicity

The golden rule of good exterior sign design is simplicity. The more straightforward and direct your sign, the easier it will be to read and understand instantly – and you only have a few seconds to communicate with the audience. Concentrate on writing brief yet powerful text that conveys effectively in as few words as necessary. Using more than two typefaces in a single design might lead to misunderstanding.

Your visual design should be eye-catching but not so distracting that it takes the focus away from your message. Don’t be afraid to use white space to attract attention to the most crucial parts of your design. For best readability, attempt to design your exterior sign with 30-40% of white space.

Exterior Signs

Use amazing graphics

People are drawn to visual images. Including a graphic in your design might be a simple approach to attract attention and make your exterior sign stand out. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a simple logo or headshot photo might enough to give your sign a competitive edge.

What matters is that you select visuals that compliment your message and enhance your design. Use high-quality photos for any graphics you create; blurry or pixelated images portray your company as cheap and negligent.

Work with a professional advertising company

Do you want the best results while designing your own exterior signs? Contact a professional sign design team, such as the one at An Phat Signs, to assist you in selecting every element and creating the ideal sign for your business. Contact us immediately if you need assistance developing a magnificent stand-out exterior sign!

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