Benefits of Using Your Brand’s Custom Colors for Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs can assist you in developing your brand. These 3-D signs both attract new consumers and keep returning customers interested. Make sure that the colors and typography are consistent with your company’s branding. If your company has unique colors, you must incorporate them into your channel letter signs.

What Exactly Is a Channel Sign?

A channel sign can be found in a variety of locations, including retail businesses, banks, and office buildings. Channel signs are three-dimensional graphics that give your business a polished appearance. These signs may be customized in a variety of colors and fonts. You now have the perfect approach to incorporate your trademark colors into your signs. Customers will naturally think of your brand and company when they see the sign.

A lot of these channel signs have numbers, symbols, and characters in them. These pieces are made of long-lasting materials like acrylic or aluminum sheets. As the result, these signs maintain their appearance for a long time.

Channel Letter Sign Types

For your company’s branded colors, you may employ a variety of channel signage. The front-lit sign is the most popular choice. These are one of the most common types of signs on the market. They are usually constructed with an acrylic face, trim caps, and metal backs.

You could personalize these signs with whatever font or color you desire. Because this form of signage can be seen from a distance, it is very effective at attracting the attention of pedestrians and drivers. LED lighting can be used with this option regardless of your unique brand colors.

The halo channel is another alternative for channel letter signs. These signs are sometimes known as back-lit signs or reverse channel letter signs. These signs provide your business a more refined appearance, which is ideal for portraying a softer image. Metal faces with aluminum covers are used on back-lit signage.

The letters are placed a few centimeters away from the structure. As a result, there is a halo effect behind the sign. These signage will look best when placed against metal, concrete, or light-colored stucco structures. You may, once again, personalize these signage with your own colors.

Channel letters are also available as combination-lit signs. Clear background with a translucent vinyl design is used for this sort of signage. You may choose between a variety of colors for these signage.

The Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

There are several advantages to utilizing a personalized channel sign. These signage are more visually appealing than other possibilities. Furthermore, you can easily modify these signage with your company’s colors.

Custom channel letter signs raise the visibility of your company. When you utilize unique colors, you can quickly increase your exposure in the community and instantly link your brand with clients.

These signs are a good choice for branding. A professionally made sign allows you to combine your company’s colors. Those colors will stand out and resonate with potential buyers.

While you may believe that custom colors for channel signs are beyond of your price range, these signs may save you money. Your sign will benefit from the durability, minimal maintenance, and energy economy. As you continue with your branding, you will enjoy all of those savings.

Channel Letter Signs

Using Channel Letter Signs

You need to understand how to utilize channel letter signs in custom colors now that you realize they may make a positive influence on your customers. Channel letter signs is used by many different types of businesses to attract more clients to their front doors.

As a result, you should place the channel letter signs in the most apparent spot on your property. You could simply capture the interest of potential clients using this method. Use basic typography when utilizing custom colors. From the road, these signage should be easy to read. Finally, you should include your logo color into the signs, but use colors that are visible during day and nighttime.

Things to Ponder About

You should verify local zoning rules before installing a channel letter sign. You don’t want to put up a brightly colored billboard just to discover it’s forbidden in your commercial zone. When you engage with a custom sign company, they are well-versed in local legislation and construction codes. They will understand what will work with your architecture. Furthermore, they understand which colors would appear best with a channel letter sign.

You don’t want to cut corners with your channel letter signs. Resist the temptation to use a low-quality LED. If you choose that option, your sign will be less visible and will fade quicker. High-quality acrylic signs will help your unique colors, such as reds, oranges, greens, and blues stay longer.

Final Word

If you decide to invest in your branding, channel letter signs are the way to go. Using unique colors allows you to take an initial move that will pay benefits. Customers will notice those indications and form an association with your brand and company.

Choosing a Signs Company

We are a sign company in Ho Chi Minh City that provides sign designs, custom sign manufacture, and professional sign installation. We offer eye-catching interior and exterior signage, wall murals, and window graphics.

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We don’t subcontract your sign project because we don’t have to – and don’t wish to! When it comes to making signs and graphics, we have exceptionally high standards for fabrication, print quality, and cutting accuracy. It is because we deal directly with our customers and fully anticipate them to be pleased with our work and come back with us over and over again.

Many sign companies use outsourced sign makers because they lack the necessary equipment and ability to create in-house. Because outsourcers’ standards are not the same as ours, we produce at our own facility because we know we can manage quality and turnaround time. Our whole company is based in HCM City and works directly for us and you!

We Use High-Quality Materials That Look Better and Last Longer
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Although low-quality vinyls and laminates may appear to be less expensive, they might fact cost more than high-quality alternatives! Other sign companies use them since they can offer them at a low cost, and your business may be unimportant to them.

We select premium materials since they provide superior printed output and stay much longer – especially outside. Premium products with UV protecting laminates continue to survive when other signs and graphics fade, peel, or turn black. When you consider the cost per year of life, our signs are a superior long-term investment!

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