Our Law Firm Signs Project in Binh Chanh District

Making advertising signs is a job that requires expertise, so a law firm signs in Binh Chanh District contacted us to help them design their office signs. So which types of signs did they choose to help reflect their dedication, polish, and professionalism? 

3D Letters Sign

Our Law Firm Signs Project in Binh Chanh District
Our Law Firm Signs Project in Binh Chanh District
Our Law Firm Signs Project in Binh Chanh District
Our Law Firm Signs Project in Binh Chanh District

Stainless steel three-dimensional letters and signs are our specialty

Stainless steel 3D letters are one of the most attractive types of outdoor advertising. They are used both as elements of facade signs and in interior design.

Metal cutting and welding in the manufacture of all elements of the advertising structure are carried out on specialized laser machines. Tetanus is done on automatic equipment, ensuring high quality and efficiency.

Experienced staff and a professional approach ensure the consistently high quality of all products.

If you need to learn more about 3D lettering, you can read about it right here.

Ultra-slim Light Boxes

Ultra-slim light boxes for indoor advertising are the ideal solution. They take up less space and use less electricity than outdoor light boxes. Such designs consume only 15 W per square meter.

In the production of models of this type, we use advanced technology, thanks to which the thin-frame light panels have a service life of 7 years or more. The images on these designs are brighter and more colorful than similar designs. To change promotional posters does not require significant effort; it can be done in seconds.

In our production, we produce thin light panels with edge illumination. In these works, light hits the back of 8-10 mm thick acrylic glass, which is processed on a milling and laser machine in a special way.

Models are equipped with bright LEDs that distribute light evenly over the entire surface. Thus, an ultra-thin sign is capable of full illumination as opposed to designs produced using other technologies, where the light is only on the sides.

You can purchase one of two types of models. We manufacture single-sided and double-sided thin transparencies. Images on them can be mounted on one side or both sides at the same time.

Posters are printed on specialized materials and backlit. In essence, this is a thin plastic sheet on which there is advertising or information about current promotions and discounts. You can send us your messages to print or order unique designs from our experts.

Purchased models can be installed on your own. However, in this case, if the structure is dropped, we do not take any responsibility. If you order installation from us, we will provide you with a guarantee for all types of work.

In order for the slim light bar to fit into the space, we recommend that you call our on-site professional surveyors.

Wooden signs

In an era where synthetic materials are readily available and cheap, natural wood seems to be very pricey and interesting. Plywood or wood signboards catch the eye of onlookers and pique their curiosity about what they see.

Bars, cafes, and restaurants frequently have wooden decorations. The tree is used to make exterior and interior signs because the unique texture of the material evokes a sense of coziness.

Humans associate natural materials with hand labor and superior quality. Therefore, get a wooden sign if you want to earn your clients’ trust. They are especially important in craft stores, which are in high demand right now.

Wood has been the most dependable building material since the dawn of mankind. True works of art can be produced now thanks to ultra-durable varnishes and contemporary digital treatments. It is essential to consider the characteristics of the material’s processing when working with wood.

It should be made clear right away that the quality of the sign is determined by the engraving technique and type of wood utilized. Hardwoods, such as ash or beech, are the ideal materials for processing. The most visible sections of oak may experience chipping problems.

The second condition is that the moisture content of the wood not exceed 8%. Dealing with too-wet materials will eventually cause distortion and make the finished product look sloppy. The third criteria is the lack of nicks on the surface of the wood.

The thickness of the material also affects how deep the engraving is. The pattern will become more appealing and intriguing as the wood gets thicker.

How should you pick the wood for your sign?

The engraving on wooden signage displays the establishment’s design and appears modern. The best engraving on plastic requires similar-looking trees; the less resin and fiber, the better.

It is recommended to select walnuts if you plan to carve very little patterns. To apply patterns of a huge scale, use ash. Although one of the hardest timbers to carve, maple works best for laser carving.

It is not advised to use milling and engraving machinery to process soft kinds like linden and alder. If you have a laser cutter, you can use it to make all the cuts you require on these materials.

A beautiful and high-quality sign must be made using carefully chosen wood and treatment. The majority of machining operations are now automated thanks to sophisticated machinery, and the manufacturing time for signs made of natural materials is now equivalent to that of signs made of plastic.

The benefits of using wooden signage are clear:

  • It will contrast well with the plastic textures of its rivals;
  • Its aesthetic appeal will endure for a long time;
  • Wood that has been properly treated is unafraid of moisture or temperature changes;
  • It will blend in beautifully with any building’s facade and highlight your company’s uniqueness.

On our website, you can place orders for the creation of wooden signs. We also encourage you to look at the panel frames we also produce. We have been in business for a long time, and we operate with contemporary tools and supplies.

Staff with experience will be able to identify any complexity’s order. The size, type of wood, and degree of engraving complexity all affect how much a wooden sign costs. All products come with a quality warranty, so please get in touch.

These are the two types of advertising signage that the Binh Chanh law firms chose are seen above.

You can get in touch with us through this An Phat Facebook page if you need to create affordable, lovely, and high-quality advertising signs.

We appreciate you reading this article.

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