QR Code Signs: 7 Ways Eateries, Diners and Restaurant can Use Them Effectively

Custom QR Code Signs for Restaurants

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QR code signs have made a reappearance in recent years, proving to be useful tools for various types of small business, including restaurants. You’ve probably seen QR code signs for online menus if you’ve lately dined out. But what more are these programs capable of? Be inspired by all of the different ways your restaurant, café, or bar may utilize QR code signs.

Accept reservations and booking

Using QR code signs, you can make it simple for guests and visitors to make a reservation or join your waitlist. Display them on a window decal or poster in your storefront, or leave a QR code on your social media pages. As a potential guest or diner scans the QR code signs, they should be sent to your reservation or waitlist page, where they can join quickly and without hassle. If you don’t take bookings online, direct them to your contact page so they may contact you by email or phone.

Custom QR Signs from An Phat Signs Studio
QR Code signs can help with customer booking, menu access, and payment

Improve transaction and payment speed (and make them touch-free)

Because the world is becoming increasingly touchless, why not accept touchless payments at your restaurant? In addition to being a safer choice than exchanging cash or swiping credit cards, touchless transactions are also faster. As a restaurant owner, all you have to do is create a QR code that accepts payments. Print the QR code signs and place them on your checkout counter, or include them at the bottom of your receipts.

Increase your mailing list and loyalty program

As they’re waiting for their food, encourage consumers to sign up for your mailing list or loyalty program. Using QR code signs that allow guests to enter their information digitally and quickly rather than having a staff member collect it or using pen and paper ready to reward regular customers? Instead of printing individual coupons, generate coupon QR codes that can be applied to postcards, take-out menus, emails, and more.

Give guests fast access to your menu

As restaurants and cafés reopened, getting menus with QR code signs became popular. It is a very low-cost choice for restaurant owners, and it gives guests a secure, convenient, and touch-free option. Also, rather than printing new menus every time your menu or price changes, company owners may update the PDF or web page the QR code links to. This makes promoting specials, new menu items, and limited-edition products easier than ever. You may put your menu on QR code signs on a counter, print it on banners, or even use a sticker for quick scanning.

How to Create a QR Code Menu:

  • Upload your menu to your website or save it as a PDF.
  • Copy the URL or file and put it through a QR code generator.
  • Print and display your QR code signs in highly visible locations.
Custom QR Signs from An Phat Signs Studio
Use QR code signs for easy menu access for customers and guests

Collect customers’ reviews and feedback

It’s never easy to ask for feedback, but with QR code signs, they can help make the process a little more simple and natural. You can place this on the same table tent as your social QR code, add it at the bottom of the customer’s receipt, or print it on ‘thank you’ postcards. This code may be used to link to your restaurant’s custom review page, your Facebook page, or your Google for Business page—or wherever else you want to increase your online reviews. Similarly to asking for social media followers, you may motivate diners to post a review by providing them with a discount or a freebie the next time they visit.

Promote your social media profiles

Use QR code signs to make it easy for clients to follow your social media profiles. Display the code on a table tent for guests who are sitting down for a meal or a drink so they may check out your social accounts while they wait for their order. Encourage customers to follow you by offering a special deal (such as 10% off your bill) and reminding them to tag your social networks if they post a photo on their own accounts. You may even post this QR code on the windows of your restaurant so that inquisitive passersby can check out your social accounts while they’re out and about.

Custom QR Signs from An Phat Signs Studio
You can apply QR Codes on window stickers for passersby

Stay connected at all times

Customers are likely to pass by your restaurant when it is closed. Provide visitors a quick method to access information about your company even in after hours, contact information, menu, and more by placing informative QR code signs on your restaurant’s window.

Custom QR Code Signs: Unlocking the Potential of Modern Marketing

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Custom QR Signs from An Phat Signs Studio
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