Wayfinding Signs: 6 Reason Why They are Important for Business

Wayfinding Signs

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Wayfinding signs, like road signs, may help visitors navigate within facilities they have never visited before by showing them what path they are on, just like drivers on the highway wanting to know where the next exit is. The presence (or absence) of wayfinding signs has an impact on the customer experience. After all, your customers’ time is their most valuable asset, and nothing is more unpleasant than getting lost in an unfamiliar building.

When was the last time you looked at how you navigated your building from the outside in? Are your wayfinding signs current and correct? Is it basic and easy to read?

Wayfinding signs have also been frequently employed by many types of businesses as a means of advertising their company, which, unexpectedly, works. According to the most recent survey conducted, eight out of ten individuals entered a business for the first time because the sign drew their attention. Invest in wayfinding signs to increase offline customer traffic. Here are some good reasons why these indicators are important for your company.

Improve brand awareness and recognition

Digital marketing may be the latest trend in promoting businesses and increasing brand recognition. Yet this is insufficient. Companies must use old-school print advertising strategies, such as signage, to supplement the efforts of their digital staff.

A high-quality, well-thought-out, and well-placed wayfinding sign will attract the eye of prospective consumers, imprinting your brand, products, or services in their minds. Create an effective visual marketing medium by putting up signs with your company’s brand name and logo and an easy-to-follow guide or instruction. How can they conduct business with you if they don’t know who you are or where you are? These signs improve brand awareness and guide consumers straight to your door.

Direct visitors traffic

Wayfinding signage is classified into four groups based on its purpose and function. These are their names:

  • Informational: provides general and overall information on a major location or company (e.g., facility signs like bathroom and parking area).
  • Identity: tells a person where they are right now. This is the most frequent type of sign used by businesses and governments (e.g., door plaques, landmark signage).
  • Directional: provide instructions on how to identify a given location or go to a specified destination (e.g., a directory sign, roads).
  • Regulatory: educate individuals about the area’s safety and liability risks. It also enforces rules, provides safety tips, and provides privacy information (e.g., access control, compliance standard).

Big companies, such as malls, benefit immensely from employing all of these types of wayfinding signs to properly route human traffic to their particular locations. It keeps order and keeps a disorderly mob at bay. These signs may also assist medium-sized enterprises, such as a major retail store inside a mall.

It provides clients with a sense of comfort and familiarity. The inclusion of navigational indicators to aid first-time customers in their purchasing path would put them at ease when exploring the store. Moreover, wayfinding signs are an effective consumer attractor for small and start-up businesses. It may market your business from a long distance away, directing possible shoppers to your store.

Improve productivity

Having these signs strategically placed around your business allows customers to find their way around without having to disturb workers every now and then. This would allow your personnel to concentrate on their specific task at hand without the continual assault of clients asking for instructions. This frees up more of their time for them to undertake productive work on critical issues and be a more efficient worker overall.

Quality staff and customer experience

Your current and future customers are not your sole sources of income. Employees who are efficient and satisfied contribute significantly to your company’s sales and growth, and ultimately to its success. Here’s how wayfinding signs may help these critical aspects of your business:

Customers nowadays prefer the experience over the products themselves. People hold great esteem for businesses that prioritize customer service and user friendliness. Customers will be able to easily find their way to, from, and through your business if you have signage strategically placed around the store. It reduces tension and trouble, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Wayfinding signs benefit your employees as much as they benefit your customers. It helps them navigate the store with ease, going to their respective places without wasting precious time. This is especially true for large, company-wide businesses.

Great return on investment

Wayfinding signs are not the same as wall signs or roll-up banners, but they are signs nonetheless. They will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, advertising your company at a low cost. They will assist and direct consumers to your business, improving sales and brand recognition.

Wayfinding signs not only serve as directions but also as effective brand boosters when the correct combination of a logo, typeface, color, and visuals is used. It will draw clients’ attention, pique their curiosity, and stamp your company on their minds. Furthermore, it supports your other marketing activities, both online and offline, producing a synergistic impact on raising sales and developing your brand.

Finally, it is a terrific and reasonable investment for your company’s future eventualities, such as:

  • Expansion
  • Changes in administration or the sale of your business
  • Merger
  • Renovation


One of the most important advantages of wayfinding signs is their capacity to regulate crowds, maintain order, and ensure everyone’s safety in the facility or your organization. It is an unnoticed commander who issues orders to individuals in times of necessity or emergency. It might be as simple as a restroom emergency or as huge as a fire.

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