Using Illuminated Signs to Stand Out from Your Competition

Illuminated Signs

No matter what sector you work in, illuminated signage is a factor you simply cannot overlook when selecting signage, especially when looking at external signs. In fact, illuminated signs may completely change the way your brand and company are seen by customers, other visitors, and passersby (even passing businesses). These signs not only help people notice (and discover) your location, but they also serve to reinforce your brand’s identity.

Furthermore, this type of signage may be used in a range of situations, such as retail and office buildings, brand-new housing projects, and even educational settings. Similarly, illuminated signage comes in a wider range of shapes and sizes than you may think, from backlit writing and logos to neon strips and backlit acrylic sign boards.

What Are the Benefits of Using Illuminated Signage?

Don’t disregard backlit signs before making any final choices on the signage you’ll utilize for your own company. In reality, there are a number of reasons why making an investment in lighted signs might be beneficial. Below are a few of them:

? Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Business

In comparison to more conventional, unlit signage, backlit signs truly offer your branding an extra boost, making your company stand out and providing you a distinct advantage. Illuminated signs have the ability to considerably and positively improve the appearance of your facilities in a variety of settings, including housing projects and hotels.

? Create Ambiance

The atmosphere of a venue may be greatly enhanced with illuminated signs, which can create the vibe you desire by illuminating dark corners or other areas that don’t receive a lot of natural light. Consider how interior lighting may provide dimension and ambiance; backlit signage achieves the same thing.

? Making Your Business Stand out After Dark

Exterior illuminated signs can help customers, passersby, and other people find you more readily if you have a business that is open after sundown, particularly when rain, fog, or other bad weather conditions make visibility difficult. In fact, installing advertising in a dark area or other less-than-ideal position improves visibility overall—your brand will still stand out.

? Promoting Your Company Round the Clock

However, even if you only operate your company during regular business hours, exterior illuminated signage can help you advertise your establishment to anybody driving or strolling by 24 hours a day.

? Illuminated Signs Can be Very Energy-Efficient.

Illuminated signs can now be very energy-efficient thanks to recent advancements in lighting technology, provided you choose a company that has made significant investments in sustainability. This is especially true if you choose signage that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are very well-liked and widely used today across a variety of applications.

This is due to the fact that they are compact, durable, and adaptable, allowing you to employ them in a broad range of designs. Additionally, they keep themselves cool after being turned on, preventing energy loss through heat. Additionally, they are economical, so you won’t go broke.

? Versatile Enough to be Used Indoors & Outdoors

While lighted signs can function just as effectively as inside signage, external backlit signage undoubtedly offers several advantages. And that holds true for retail establishments and window displays just as much as it does for workplace branding and hoarding boards, as well as settings for exhibitions and trade shows.

? Suitable for High-End Brands

Illuminated signs will appear really elegant, especially if you are the owner of or working with a premium brand, such as a five-star hotel or a fancy retail establishment. They may engender a strong sense of prestige by suggesting that what you have to offer is more upscale, opulent, and aspirational than what your rivals have to offer. The way shoppers view your business may be significantly improved by using tastefully lit interior or exterior signage.

Which Industries Can Benefit from Illuminated Signs?

Illuminated signs have been a mainstay of many marketing and branding campaigns, especially since technological advancements are making them more energy-efficient and supporting your company’s sustainability efforts.

Virtually every industry may enjoy the benefits since almost any firm could gain something from having their brand brought to life. These consist of:

  • Retail stores (e.g., window displays)
  • Interior and exterior signage in offices
  • The hospitality industry, which includes pubs, bars and restaurants as well as hotels,
  • New housing developments
  • Exhibition graphics and signage; also at trade shows and similar events
  • Wayfinding signage

In conclusion, fashionable, illuminated signs may shine day and night, improve the presentation of your branding, and help you stand out from the crowd—all without costing a fortune.

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Your business’s signage is one of its most vital assets as far as marketing is concerned. After all, people see the signage before they see anything else when they arrive at your premises. Talk to us about backlit signs today. As specialists in signage production and large-format printers, we’re ideally placed to produce and install all kinds of illuminated signage, including backlit signs and illuminated Tension Fabric Graphics (TFS), which work brilliantly at exhibitions and similar events.

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Not all custom illuminated signs for retail and business are the same. An Phat Advertising has served a wide range of businesses in Thu Duc city, Binh Thanh district, Go Vap district, District 1, District 2,… and many others throughout Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong Province, and nationwide.

We offer a wide range of sign options for a business owner to choose from. Our team of experts can help you create the perfect signs for your needs. From small name plates and directional signs to large lobby office logos, we’ve done it all.

We can help you come up with an attractive custom holiday sign design. Of course, we can also work within your existing brand guidelines.

We seek to exceed industry standards by offering exceptional signage solutions to our clients through in-house bespoke design, manufacturing, and installation. We handle everything from start to finish, which is why An Phat Signs & Designs is your one-stop signage shop. You can rely on us to do the job correctly; we do all of the work ourselves and never subcontract it.

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