What are Aluminum Signs? Learn More About Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Sign

Aluminum signs are the most popular sort of advertising signs now on the market and are frequently chosen by companies to adorn their brand faces. However, a lot of people still don’t fully understand what aluminum signs are, their benefits when employed, and their advantages and drawbacks. You may get all the information you need regarding aluminum signage in the article that follows. Don’t miss this post if you’re searching for a fresh signboard template for your company.

What is Aluminum

This sheet is made out of aluminum composite material (ACM). A thin, 3–5 millimeter coating of strong, smooth metal covers the surface of the aluminum plate. With a lifespan of up to 50 years and up to 50 distinct color variations, aluminum is recognized as a durable material. There are many different kinds of aluminum sheets available on the market right now, including from well-known manufacturers of aluminum panels like Alumax, Trieu Chen, Pacific, Alcobest, etc.

Features of Aluminum Material

There are eight layers on the aluminum structure: paint, a protective film against scratches, a surface aluminum alloy plate, a non-toxic plastic layer, a PVDF primer, a PVDF paint finish, a PVDF color coating, and a non-toxic plastic layer. Don’t inquire as to why metal is so resilient. It can survive Vietnam’s severe weather because to its 8-layer aluminum construction. Due to the inner plastic layer, aluminum also possesses thermal insulation and fire resistance.

You might not be aware of this, but aluminum is also utilized to create panels that shield modern buildings’ outside surfaces. Aluminum provides the most complete and effective protection, especially in places with a lot of rain.

Aluminum typically comes in two varieties for use in advertising signs: outdoor aluminum signs and indoor aluminum signs. A thin, smooth, and robust coating of aluminum is placed on both sides of the metal plate. Aluminum material used for outdoor billboards is sometimes referred to as aluminum PVDF and has a thickness of 3.0-4.5 mm. PE, or indoor aluminum, typically has a 3.0 mm thickness.

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What Color Can Be Printed on Aluminum

Paint may be used to create designs with a variety of imitation stone and wood textures using aluminum alloy, which now comes in roughly 30 different colors. The color of aluminum is likewise excellent and may be utilized for five years without incident. Customers are therefore able to select the color that best suits their needs; we will select a variety of colors and textures based on the intended application.

Facades, walls, decorations, and other surfaces can all be covered with aluminum to shield the work’s surface from outside effects. Due to its high level of cleanliness, aluminum has no fear of contaminating its surroundings.

Uses for Aluminum Signs

As we just mentioned, aluminum is used in several processes across numerous industries likes making advertising signs and interior decorations:

  • Facade construction and design for high-rise buildings, offices, apartments, etc.
  • Interior decoration design features such as soundproof ceilings and heat insulation The project works against fire, heat reduction,…
  • Many housing projects, townhouses, apartments,… have interior and exterior decoration.
  • Used in decoration for elevators, shops, welcome gates, building lobbying,…
  • Used to make posters, backropes, showroom signs,…

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You should be aware of the following while purchasing aluminum signs:

  • Finding aluminum is not too difficult, but to assure quality, we need to select reliable vendors or products from well-known companies like: Alumax, Trieu Chen, Pacific, Alcobest,…
  • Depending on our requirements, such as those for production, advertising, or decoration, we should use aluminum.
  • To make sure that the price is not increased or contested, check the market price in advance and determine the cost of each distinct unit.

Due to the vast range of uses for aluminum and the size of the supply industry, it is easy to run into subpar retail establishments that offer counterfeit goods. As we have mentioned, even if the price is expensive, we should only purchase from reliable places.

Aluminum Channeling Letter Sign’s Structure

Channeling letters are one of the most popular styles of aluminum signage nowadays. The content of this kind of sign will be crafted as an embossed print on the surface of the commercial sign. Due to its high degree of attractiveness, this form of sign is frequently utilized.

Let’s examine the construction of aluminum signs together so that you may better comprehend what makes them unique. The background of the sign and the channel letter are typically the two components of modern aluminum channel lettering.

Aluminum Backdrop

Depending on the sizes of board, the aluminum signboard background will have a framework frame made of galvanized iron, to which the aluminum panels will be securely fastened. The background of the advertising sign may be customized with a variety of colors. The background of the board is crucial since it enhances the sign’s appearance.

Channeling Letter 

Depending on the requirements of the company, it is frequently utilized in a variety of materials, including mica, acrylic, stainless steel, or aluminum. The production facility will start by taking the letters and processing them using contemporary technology after choosing the material and deciding what will be written on the sign. This includes laser cutting and material bending, which may be paired with an LED lighting system. After that, attach the channeling letter to the sign to be sure.

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