Large Graphic Signage: How to Use Them Creatively

Large Graphic Sign

Because they may have a significant impact, we thought we’d write about some of the imaginative applications of large graphic signage this time. It’s important to keep in mind that these visuals are far more prevalent than you may have anticipated and that some of them have such a strong impact that it’s remarkable how long they linger in people’s memories.

What are Large Graphic Signs, Exactly?

If you’re unsure of what we technically mean by “large graphic signs,” they are basically very huge signs and decorations. And they have existed since the start of the 1990s, when digital printing began to fully take off. They are, as their name suggests, digitally printed in a larger-than-normal size, often from a 5-meter-wide printing machine. Large-scale graphics are used by both small and large businesses in a wide range of sectors. They are a mainstay of, among other things:

  • Sport events
  • Retail sales and promotions
  • Exhibitions
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Buildings
  • Timeline anniversaries

Therefore, large graphic signs might help you achieve your goal of making a big impression with your visuals. Large graphic signs may be used in a variety of inventive ways that will help your branding effort stand out in the best possible way.

Large Graphic Signs for High Input

An Phat Signs & Designs is a well-known large-scale graphic signage printing company located in Ho Chi Minh City. With some of the best advertising and creative agencies in Vietnam, we have collaborated across a diverse range of industries to produce outstanding, versatile work. As a result, we have seen a disproportionately large amount of remarkable graphics and signage and are familiar with the finest applications for large graphic signs.

To spark your imagination, consider the following concepts and thoughts:

Ceiling-Hung Tension Fabric Signage Systems

These systems combine precision-engineered aluminum frames and tension frabric graphics, and they can be modified to meet changing requirements. They have different depths and enable the insertion of custom graphics, with brand images reaching across the surface of the frame so there are no creases left.

Larger locations, such as sports arenas and expansive exhibition halls, are where you’ll most frequently encounter this kind of large graphic sign. But on a lesser scale, you can also utilize similar modular solutions in window displays at shops. Tension fabric systems are typically three-dimensional constructions, although any form is possible. They may also be customized to meet your specific needs.

Backlighting is something you may want to add if you want to provide a highly significant impact.

Large-Scale Window Graphics

These can be utilized to improve a building’s aesthetic appeal on the interior and exterior. Use big window graphics as an alternative to hide an ugly view and improve the ambience inside.

They function effectively in huge window areas in many different contexts, including workplaces, retail establishments, and a number of other places. These large-format images can be transparent and tinted in a variety of shades to make them stand out when sunlight pours through the windows and creates a rainbow of tones.

Stair Graphics

The almost vertical portion of the area between steps is known as a stair riser. Apply vinyl graphics to give a flight of steps a modern, vivid, and new appearance. Alternately, employ them so that, when seen from a distance, they come together to show a picture or message. Stair graphics are a great technique for bringing life to stairwells or larger sets of steps that might otherwise be underutilized.

Large-format Backlit Graphics

You might not have recognized how handy a tool lighting is for large graphic signage. Use it to give your signs and images depth and make them stand out. Lighting may be used in so many different ways, from neon strips to backlit, multi-layered designs. Large-format images printed on transparent film are used for backlit signs, which are lighted from behind in a lightbox.

Illuminated Hanging Structures and Ceiling Graphics

Another adaptable method using lit graphics is this one. You may use it in a wide range of situations, from exhibition halls to larger retail establishments and window displays. These, once again, make it possible for customers to recognize your brand from a distance and make brilliant, imaginative use of otherwise empty ceiling space. Therefore, one of the ideal applications for large-format graphics is this type of solution.

Large-Size Lightboxes

You can select a lightbox to fit any area, no matter how small or large it is. You may choose from options that are conventional, tall, or exceptionally broad; nowadays, they even come with slimline frames or in custom sizes. Almost no restrictions on height exist as well.

To produce visually arresting graphic displays, especially in retail, use large LED graphic lightboxes. Utilize these tools to help boost foot traffic, create sales, and raise brand recognition. You may alter displays quickly and efficiently.

Wall Wraps, Visuals and Murals

These large graphic signs have a competitive price while having a strong impact. They’re a terrific way to cover or brighten a huge space. Integrate them into big events as well. Almost everywhere with a blank wall may use them, and vinyl can be used to create them. Additionally, you may fasten them to nearly any surface, including brick, plasterboard, tile, and wood.

Vinyl with a glossy finish—which is typically used to make wraps—is available in a variety of colors, including neon, normal, matte, reflecting, and metallic. Additionally, polyester or PVC-vinyl removable wall decals are offered. Vinyl graphics often use a material that is just 3 mm thick, which is extremely thin.

Talk to An Phat about Large Graphic Signage

An Phat Signs and Graphics is a big graphics and signs printing company in Ho Chi Minh City with onsite top-of-the-line equipment for producing high-quality large graphics signs. So, get in touch with us right away if you’re seeking a big-format printing and signage service. Everything you want, including digital cutting and graphic installation, is available from us under one roof. Make us your first stop when you need services for large graphic signage printing. Get in contact with us to discuss your original ideas, and we’ll make them a reality.

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