Restaurant Signs: 6 Types of Signage Used in Diners, Restaurants

Restaurant Signs

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It’s time to think about your restaurant signs if you own and want to catch people’s attention and attract a large number of customers. An eye-catching restaurant sign can help your restaurant stand out from the rest and encourage customers to come inside and buy something. Beautiful outdoor signage will also provide you with additional options to raise brand recognition and boost your marketing efforts. Whether you’re promoting a new menu item or a big opening, a gorgeous sign will cause visitors to pause and take in your message.

So, how do you choose the most effective exterior sign for your restaurant? It all starts with learning the fundamentals of signage and advertising. It must grab people’s interest, impress them, and remain in their memories after. Thus, with that in mind, here’s how you can advertise your restaurant using eye-catching commercial signs and graphics.

Restaurants’ Best Types of Commercial Signs and Graphics

There are various ways to promote your restaurant. A restaurant sign may be as simple as a blackboard with the day’s newest offers or as complex as a window full of eye-catching artwork. If you want to attract people’s attention from a distance, you must think big and boldly. The following are some examples of restaurant signage and graphics to consider.

Menu Signboards

If your restaurant serves customers who place their orders at the counter, menu boards are great. Your menu sign here will show what drinks and foods you provide and encourage customers to place an order. Any sort of restaurant may use a basic menu board and hang it in a window to tempt passersby to see what they have to offer. If your location has a lot of foot traffic, a frame sign that hangs on the sidewalk and displays your primary food selections might work rather nicely. These kinds of restaurant signs are effective for attracting customers by promoting delicious cuisine and cold beverages.

Exterior Signs

This is a broad category of restaurant signs that can include anything from a banner, flag, facade sign, or large format corporate sign graphics. Whichever method you select, an outdoor sign is essential for any marketing strategy. These may direct customers to your restaurant, promote your special deals, and enhance the appearance of your business and brand. With all of these advantages, it’s an obvious option to commission a custom restaurant sign for the restaurant’s exterior.

Consider the advantages of a wall mural if your restaurant needs a distinct appearance that makes your services appear irresistible. This may be used both outdoors and within your restaurant. It’s also a terrific choice if your restaurant has an artsy vibe.

A wall mural should have memorable pictures and colors that complement the way your restaurant’s cuisine is displayed. Because they are wall-mounted, they will blend well with your existing décor and may transform a simple, old, uninteresting surface into something unique and beautiful. When employed in an interior, they serve the finest function of improving the current ambience of the restaurant. Yet, when placed on the exterior, they serve the ideal function of attracting more customers to your business.

Flag Signs

Consider purchasing a personalized flag for your restaurant signage if you want to attract more customers to your business. That is one of the greatest solutions accessible. They are frequently utilized to rise tall above buildings to raise their outside décor and make it simpler for guests to discover the restaurant from a distance. Flags are available in practically any form, size, color, or design, which means that your firm may have any type of flag manufactured that is just right for your aesthetic.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are an excellent way to improve the environment of your restaurant. They’ll add an artistic touch to your restaurant, with a variety of bespoke photos, colors, and designs accessible for eateries. They have a pretty significant influence on branding since they showcase important features such as your current deals, logo, slogan, designs, and so on. The best thing is that floor graphics are simple to apply and delete if you change your mind later. They’re also fairly durable. The floor graphics are made to last thanks to their base vinyl layer, anti-skid laminate finish, and strong adhesive.

Digital Signs

A digital sign can make your restaurant signs stand out at any time of day or night! Even if your restaurant is closed, your sign may do the heavy lifting for you by attracting new clients. You may modify the wording on a digital sign at any moment to inform visitors of your daily promotions or to advertise a new live music event, to name a few examples. So, why not display your menu in the storefront so that guests know what to expect before they enter? After all, a digital sign is difficult to overlook!

You may choose whatever size you like. It might be something small enough to fit into the area or something large enough to totally cover the window. A complete window covering is always worthwhile to consider; your clients may appreciate the increased seclusion while dining.


Banners provide tremendous visibility for your company. They are also composed of highly durable materials (such as cast vinyl) and may be customized with logos, writing, and so on. Because of the increased durability, your sign will last for many years. Calendar vinyl is ideal for this use. Mesh vinyl also provides translucency. Your banner’s design, form, colors, and size are entirely up to you.

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