How to Renovate Your Restaurant, Diner, and Café with New Signs

Renovate Restaurant, Diner, Café Signs

Many people will wish to continue their lives as they were before the COVID-19 virus flipped everything upside down when Ho Chi Minh City slowly begins to reopen. This is particularly valid while dining at establishments like restaurants, diners, and cafés.

Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City must gain the public’s trust by demonstrating to them that they are taking all reasonable steps to protect the health and safety of both their patrons and staff. The best method to give your restaurant a fresh appearance that will bring in more customers from far and wide is to renovate your establishments with new signs.

You don’t need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate your Ho Chi Minh City restaurant, diner, or café. It could be improved by replacing a few essential parts to give it a more modern appearance. We want to provide you some advice on how to use signs from An Phat Signs Studio to brighten up the interior of your restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

Menu Signsboards

You can be losing out on a lot of sales if your present menu board is outdated or hasn’t been customized to raise average order value (AOV). The appearance of the menu will play a large role in how many new clients perceive your business and its cuisine. Some customers could assume that the meal tastes the same if the menu boards are damaged or don’t have a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

AOV may be significantly raised by strategically encouraging customers to order high-margin foods from updated menu boards. You can design the ideal menu board with assistance from the talented designers at An Phat Signs, and it will function just as well as it looks. Additional menu boards that are located in front of the main menu can be added. They will help to advertise different offers, discounts, or brands that you carry.

Window Graphics

Do your glass storefront windows appear a little vacant? A broad variety of eye-catching window graphics may be used to adorn them. We can reproduce nearly any picture or logo you can imagine with our cutting-edge digital printers. Perforated window designs are a good choice if your restaurant is hot in the early or late afternoon sun. Despite blocking out most of the strong sun and heat, they will still allow enough light into the dining area.

We can apply opaque vinyl graphics that perfectly replicate frosted glass to your storefront windows if you’d like to give them a touch of elegance. Additionally, this will dilute the amount of light streaming in, allowing you to reduce the brightness of your interior lighting and save energy.

Interior Dimensional Graphics

Installing an inside-dimensional graphic next to the front entrance is a terrific way to add some flair to the front of your restaurant. Alternatively, you may be creative. For instance, a magnificent (but phony) fish sign posted near the entrance of a restaurant that serves fresh fish meals will catch people’s attention and whet their appetites.

A broad range of materials, including metal, aluminum, wood, plastic, and foam core, are available for you to pick from. Use layered images and well-positioned LED lights to create a 3D-stunning centerpiece of a sign if you truly want to make an impact.

Exterior Signs

One of the fastest ways to alter the appearance and feel of your restaurant is to add an outdoor sign. It can help draw the attention of passing pedestrians and drivers. When it comes to designing an outdoor sign, you have a lot of alternatives. 3D graphics and LED signs are just a couple of concepts that may help promote your restaurant.

You may also include outside menus for customers who choose to have their orders delivered to their cars or for those who simply want to browse your offers in this day and age of social media. While people wait in line to be served, vinyl foot traffic signs will help keep everyone a safe 2 meters apart. To help your clients remember everything that you are doing to assure their safety, you may also place vinyl signage on your front windows.

Pavement Signs

A pavement sign, sidewalk sign, or standee sign is a low-cost way to reach out to passing vehicles and pedestrians. They are made of a broad range of materials, including magnetic boards, chalkboards, and dry-erase markers.

Our handmade pavement signs are made by An Phat Signs using only high-quality materials and tried-and-true finishing methods. They are made to last and can withstand years of punishment from the sun, wind, and everything else Mother Nature may offer.

Let An Phat Signs Studio Help You

Getting your retail signs right, on the other hand, necessitates the design and expertise of a professional signage business.

You must work with a manufacturer who can design customer-focused, branded signage. This is where we step in. An Phat provides industry-leading retail signage solutions that may help you increase sales, elevate your brand, and effectively compete with your retail competition. We also provide:

And for many types of business signs, such as

We have over ten years of expertise in the signage sector in Ho Chi Minh City and can assist you in designing the ideal sign.

Your One-Stop Location for High-Quality Menu Boards and Signs

An Phat Signs is a one-stop shop for high-quality restaurant and café signs, bakery menu boards, and bar menu boards.

  • Design that is one-of-a-kind. Your signboards will be custom-made to suit your business’s brand identity and engage customers.
  • Manufacturing knowledge. Our skilled specialists will handcraft your signs from the highest quality materials.
  • Meticulous installation. Our installation staff takes pleasure in their job, and even difficult settings are no problem for them. Customer dedication We offer high-quality, long-lasting, and reasonably cost signage services that are supported by our dedication to meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • Application for a sign license. If you require a permit for an outdoor menu board or sign, we can handle the application procedure for you.

Contact us now to learn more about how our experienced signage services may help your food and beverage establishment thrive in a competitive market.

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